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Hey there, WA!Training level 2 in the box, and the reason it took so long, was simply...Today I moved my site to my own domain! Wohoo! (*saidlikehomer*)Feeling like I'm winning something new every day here! The only "downside" (cause it's not a downside per se) is that, the more I learn, the more I relise I don't know...but I will just keep on building from here!Thanks again to everybody here - your love and support means the world to me!Peace!Joachim
Many of you are really experienced by now, but to me this is a huge step:Finally got ranked in Google!!! (I feel like a kid opening christmas presents now - so excited!)Not that I was quitting before, but this is such an energy boost! Thanks to all of you for your love and support thus far, WA! Awesome people! :D
July 17, 2019
On top of the world soon...?Still just in the early stages of my new online career, but things have really started to happen now... Although it's still in it's infancy, my website has a few blog posts now, and thanks to you wonderful WA people, they now have quite a few good comments with some insightful questions as well. Thanks, guys! :DMy chosen niche is chess, and in the early stages I have focused on the beginner. Lots of people out there find it hard to get going after they made the choic
Hello WA,I have my first site up and running, and realising it's still in it's infancy, I would like to get some insight, thoughts or experience about a certain topic:I haven't made the transition from siterubix to my own domain yet. What are your thoughts and experiences with this? Is it a "have to" to do this, or is it "just cool"? Did it instantly create more traffic, better rankings, etc? Has anybody tried to do the transition after a while, so that you could easily say "it made a big diffe
Not gonna do a novel about this, just say that I'm quite proud to present my first keyword rich blog post. It ended up being 2100+ words, so quite healthy, I believe. I have a lot of knowledge about the topic in hand, so I think it should be a good read for whoever might visit the website.
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July 02, 2019
So, we're getting there: Level 1 of the training program is done! I know I still have tons to learn and much training left, but this has been a very inspiring journey so far, and the learning curve has been quite steep! Until a few days ago I had never even set up a website before... Thanks for all the support so far, and I know you guys will keep it coming, so thanks in advance as well! Good luck to all of you from here! And I hope everyone is having a great summer wherever you are! Joachim
June 28, 2019
Let's see where this can take us, huh? I'm more than willing to take any advise I can get from here on, and willing to put in the hours where I can. Let's do this! :D
June 27, 2019
Hello WA, I guess we're up and running now, so a small accomplishment in the books... Not much has happened to my site yet, but at least we've put words into actions now, so let's see how far this ball can run! I will unfortunately not be able to put down the hours I wish I could the next two weeks, but will do my best to get the site rolling! All the best, Joachim