Can newbies here at Wealthy Affiliate take up Bootcamp training course?.

Last Update: March 08, 2017

This is my second blog here at Wealthy Affiliate. I don't usually write blogs unless there is something of great concern. I was touched yesterday by one of my friend who suggested that newbies here at Wealthy Affiliate should not take up Affiliate Bootcamp course before finishing Certification course or even taste success with the later.

Valid points were being brought forward and I respect the blogger for coming with such blog and a line of thinking that can be different from mine.

And here are my views about whether newbie must not take up Affiliate Bootcamp training course.Affiliate Bootcamp is a niche option that is suggested on finishing first certification level course especially to those who by this stage have not been able to choose a niche. What you should bear in mind is that is not a niche. I see it a window that will let you explore the online money making niche on its self being broad, can be subdivided into specialized niche very specific.

One can choose some of these niches to follow under the Affiliate Bootcamp course

  • Affiliate marketing (Wealthy Affiliate being one of the Affiliate. Jaaxy, Siterubix and many other Affiliate programs in the online money making niche. Affiliate Program reviews being a cash cow.)
  • Domain flipping (Siterubix and option of using other sites)
  • Keyword research (Jaaxy and option of using others)
  • ETC you can think of others

The point that I need you to note is that when you build a website based on Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp, you are not building a Wealthy Affiliate extension website. It is your website with option to promote Wealthy Affiliate products because Kyle and Carson gives us the information on how to do it on a platter.

Most of the research and knowledge has been done for you. But you as a student you must be in a position to apply that knowledge when promoting other like products you are going to use when you monetize your website.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate alone may not be enough. Kyle and Carson does not bind you to promote Wealthy Affiliate alone. In fact they encourage to even when you compare others products with wealthy Affiliate to be an affiliate of that other program as long as it is legit, you are likely to get some sales even is you rate that program low.

There is no establish law here that say Wealthy Affiliate must be your number one recommendation. As you review Wealthy Affiliate and other products you must not say Wealthy Affiliate is your number one recommendation as if a gun is pointed on your head to say so, but you must say Wealthy Affiliate Is the number one program because of loads of advantages, super training program, well prized and being a one stop shop in the field and loads of other offer that you know by now. This will put Wealthy Affiliate above par as compared to other programs.

If you believe so, then Wealthy Affiliate is your number one product and you promote it as so. I know we don't all believe so until we have tested the program thats why you also find some negative reviews on WA on the internet. However there are others you have testified writing negative review on WA who changed after joining WA.

Getting back to the issue at hand, there was a concern about if a newbie has enough knowledge to promote WA since he is new. That is what Bootcamp is all about train, research and build. By the time your website will receiving noticeable traffic you will have covered enough ground and your knowledge about WA will be enough to know the products that is why along the training, when thing start to heat up you are required to revisit your WA review.

Researching a product is key I don't dispute that. That is why man can be able to sell ladies underwear even when they have not tried them.

Hope this will help newbie to be well informed about the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp program


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speedking Premium
Well said, Jonathan,

If you follow the training given in the Bootcamp program you should be able to do the marketing of it as well. It is up to the individual to decide what they see in it each his own. I come from a sales backround and I have sold so-called "difficult products" OFFLINE with great success. Having said that, it is my ONLINE ability that's lacking at this point in time. Which in turn throws a brand new light on to the subject! Thats why following the training and not skipping any of it is of the outmost importance.
It's a case of different strokes for different folks I think. Anyway thank's for sharing.
Take care.

OTolo Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
reanna1 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
spurway Premium Plus
thanks for sharing
HarveyBrown Premium
Nicely said Jonathan. I think what I came away with is to do the Certification Courses and at the end if you do not have a niche, take advantage of the Affiliates Bootcamp course and niche.