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Traffic to my website is on the rise. I am happy, but I have never thought to breach 500 visitors a day. I am happy to say most of my traffic is organic. I have also been receiving a considerable number of organic comments. I think this is an achievement for a 6 month old websiteSo if you follow your lesson everything will come up well s planed.
We have just been joined by a new member here at Wealthy Affiliate. Can you welcome him. His profile is
This is my second blog here at Wealthy Affiliate. I don't usually write blogs unless there is something of great concern. I was touched yesterday by one of my friend who suggested that newbies here at Wealthy Affiliate should not take up Affiliate Bootcamp course before finishing Certification course or even taste success with the later.Valid points were being brought forward and I respect the blogger for coming with such blog and a line of thinking that can be different from mine. And here are
When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I was desperately seeking a new lease of live financially. Things were not well for me. I wanted I free program that would bring me some money. Therefore I joined Wealthy Affiliate and took the first ten lessons on Level one training course. Before I could even finish the the ten lessons I was really convinced that this is the program that I was looking for.Even when I did not have money to pay for my premium membership, I did not quit.I continued to build conten