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It is amazing that anytime we decide to justify the lack of effort, or justify our procrastination, or justify not doing something that we said we would do, or justify not getting started at all; We seem to be able to come up with some pretty impressive excuses.

Self Service

The thing about an excuse is, it serves no one except the person providing the excuse. This does nothing for the person we may be giving the excuse to. Their level of expectations of us were in place, however the fact that we may not have came through as they expected, caused them to lower their level of expectations of us.

Letting Others Down

Our excuses will cause people to realize that they cannot count on us. If we continue to remain in the habit of giving excuses, people will begin to think that they cannot believe anything we say. This will, in fact cause people to think less of us because actions speak louder than words.

Keeping Our Word

We will do ourselves a great justice if we just learn to eliminate excuses. One of the greatest things we have in life is our word.

Let's say for instance, we continue to promise our child or children that we are going to do something with them, or take them somewhere. Then, the day of our promise is here; our child or children have been eagerly awaiting for this day to arrive.

Instead of doing what we promised we tell our child or children that we have to work. This might actually be the case, but to our child or children this is one serious let down. It doesn't stop them from being very disappointed in us, and it doesn't take many times of this, before our child or children start to think that everything we say is filled with false and broken promises.

If we are in an intimate relationship with someone, and we keep saying that we are going to do something but don't do it. We should then expect this relationship to become very short. We must do whatever it is we say we are going to do.

The Excuse Epidemic

Once we become a person who provides excuses, the amount of excuses we give start to become endless.

We start giving excuses to our children, our significant others, our jobs, our careers, and soon enough we begin to give excuses to ourselves.

Taking Accountability

This is a pattern of behavior, if this is what we are doing, it is imperative that we break this pattern because it creates a no win situation for us. The bottom line is, we must do whatever it is we say we are going to do. If we are not going to do whatever it is we say we are going to do, then we should make it known that we are not going to do it.

Respect is definitely earned by us taking accountability of our own actions and eliminating excuses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Blessings To Each Of You,


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AlexandraT11 Premium
Great post Jerry, but I don’t agree that if you organise to do something with your child and then when it comes to it you have to work it could be called an excuse. It’s a reason you can’t do it not an excuse. An excuse is something that you can control, an obstruction you choose to put in the way, a reason is something that sometimes cannot be helped. Just my view.
jmj45tech Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this post.
Stanleycmng Premium
Hey Jerry. Excuses are part of life. We need to be mindful and not let it become a habit. Being conscious about it will allow us to take action to address it.
jmj45tech Premium
I agree wholeheartedly.
Bathwag Premium
Great post, indeed!
Thx Jerry.
jmj45tech Premium
Thank you, and you are most certainly welcome.
Elizabeth115 Premium
Thanks for sharing your thought with us it is appreciated.
jmj45tech Premium
Yes Ma'am,

You are most certainly welcome.
42Louise Premium
Appreciate the post.
Cause and Effect.
Either make a beneficial choice or do not.
Either way you will receive the effect of that choice. Whatever that may be.

Enjoy your Sunday :)

jmj45tech Premium
Thank you, It is my hope that you enjoy your Sunday as well.