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No matter what happens in life, we all choose our journeys and our destinies. We are the designers and The Architects of our futures and our destinies.The ProblemOut of all of the things that goes on in a community, a Town, a city, a County, a state, a nation, and the globe, we must all realize that a problem is not The Problem, but the lack of a Solution for the problem, Is The Problem.We must realize that if we caused the problem, perpetuated the problem, went along to get along with the prob
March 14, 2020
It is amazing that anytime we decide to justify the lack of effort, or justify our procrastination, or justify not doing something that we said we would do, or justify not getting started at all; We seem to be able to come up with some pretty impressive excuses.Self ServiceThe thing about an excuse is, it serves no one except the person providing the excuse. This does nothing for the person we may be giving the excuse to. Their level of expectations of us were in place, however the fact that we
When it comes to being grateful, being grateful at all times is very difficult to do. There are a number of people who may be able to pull it off, but with the many distractions just from talking, listening and learning that comes along in life, this makes being grateful at all times a very difficult task.A very difficult taskThis may be a very difficult task, but a necessary task it is indeed, because it is such an act of faith in knowing that no matter what is going on, it's going to be alrig
February 26, 2020
Some of us may have asked GOD at some point to help us matter to others. Many of us would like to matter to others at some point in our lives. We do not want to be the kind of person who meets other people and it does not cause a ripple in the pond, instead we want to be the rock that gets thrown into the pond making ripples that others can count as they go out.As children, many of us may have experienced throwing rocks in the pond to make rings known as ripples, and as the ripples formed we be
February 24, 2020
There is this great news that I must share with everyone I can. A principle of becoming successful at whatever level we choose. We can be successful in our relationships, successful in our families, successful at becoming a home-owner, becoming debt free, maybe an annual salary of $60,000.00 per year, $100,000.00 per year, it doesn't matter. If we are considering it, if we want it, if we have a desire to become successful, the very beginning of this must be shared. We need to understand that th
Many of us may have discovered that when we think we are done, we find out that we still have more in us. This discovery reminds us that we are never completely out or finished. We find that we are not at the end of our rope yet, we have more steps that we can take, we learn that we are never completely out if we rest for a moment and then proceed to do a little more. This is how we maximize our efforts in anything that we do in life. There maybe countless amounts of times that these very actio
We should learn to open our minds to all of the possibilities' life has to offer us. We should all be thinking about growing, everything is possible, continuously moving forward.Let's start thinking about and expecting the things we want to attract in our lives.The Power Of The MindThe Mind is such an Incredibly, Powerful Tool that we have the sheer ability to Will things into existence for our lives.We have the ability to attract a life of abundance. If we are negative people, we have the abil
February 10, 2020
We are living in a very demanding world which makes being a parent very hard. As our careers take off, we achieve promotions and move up yo the next level, our time becomes very limited, especially in today's world. It starts to become difficult to allocate our time with our families and we sometimes even begin to overlook the basics.Our spouses and children can see that they are being ignored from our lack of presence in their lives. Many of us put more of our time in on our jobs than we do wi
February 07, 2020
Many of us have taken very long trips down Accomplishment Lane, and we have received many life altering experiences along the way. It is one thing to accomplish our dreams, but it is another thing to enjoy the very long process of achieving our dreams.Some people are so focused on the Final Goal that they find no joy or enjoyment in the process. If we have found what it is that we want to do, and we strike out on that journey, please understand, that we are by far, more blessed than the average
February 05, 2020
Whenever we come up with an idea, a thought, or a move we want to make; Something comes from our imagination. Sometimes the very thing that stops us in tracks, is the question; When Do I Start? The issue we commonly have that delay our starting process is the fact that we tend to overthink things, making them more complicated than they actually are. Delaying Our StartWhen we continue to over-think things, we then try to over-explain things to other people. When we do this, the question, "How is