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Last Update: Sep 29, 2019

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We live in a strange time.

We are no longer able to have our own opinions, they must confirm to the masses.

People are more and more questioning our Political, religious and social opinions.

I can still remember my father and uncle debating politics (sounds better than arguing) . They had their own ideas what side was the correct side, and they never agreed the other was right.

However, despite their disagreements, they always remained the best of friends and would shake each other's hands before they went their separate ways.

Then there was religion.

I accepted that some of my childhood mates had different beliefs to me.

That didn't mean I hated them.

I also had friends that were brought up atheist, they never questioned my beliefs. They never ridiculed me.

Later in life I turned away from my religious beliefs, but I never once chastised others for remaining with there's, and no one chastised me for mine.

So where is this all leading to.

I have noticed a few posts in WA that had comments on them that were blatantly against the beliefs expressed by the writer.

Let me say firstly that we are not supposed to write any blogs at WA with either religious or political overtones.

However, if someone does., Please point out the rules politely.

Let's not jump on them.

Remember that at WA we aren't a similar platform to Facebook.

Here, we need to respect each other's

Religious Beliefs

Non Beliefs

Political beliefs

Here we need to care about each other.

Nurture each other.

Be encouraging.

Have respect for one another.

In other words we need to care.

All of us came here to learn about affiliate marketing.

On our journey some of us digressed into other areas, and that's fine. As long as we are happy with our online pursuits.

But we didn't come here to accept being chastised by others for what we do or don't believe in.

We didn't come here to be angry or make hateful comments.

All I ask is that we think carefully about every comment we make.

It's okay to make helpful comments but not hurtful ones.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Now let's all make sure we remain friends no matter what. After all, this is a global business and not restricted to any one ideal.

All the best. Jim

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Wonderful comments, than you Jim.

oooo, where did the "k" in thank go :-)

Thanks Steve.

Well, you found it. Lol.

It's a great post Jim and I do agree with your sentiment. It really shouldn't take much should it ? I mean all you have to do is not type, it's easier not to do something after all.

Very true Twack. But it seems some people just can't help themselves.

One of our esteemed colleagues often uses a quote which allows us to view these 'some people' in the manner in which they deserve.
"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
Voices that fall upon ears that do not hear, are soundless.

Thanks Karl .

Great post Jim, completely with on that fact that WA is not like facebook.

I am not a religious person but I respect any religion here at WA and outside of it.

We are all here to help each other to achieve what we desire

Getting angry and using hateful comments to me is a massive negative in life and in general.

Thanks for this post Jim and all the best to you, have a great day 👍

The same to Karl, and thanks.

Right-O, Jim! I'm very sensitive with my religious and political beliefs; best to leave some things for private discourse.

True Cathy

I love your point about religion, everyone is entitled to their opinion. They can believe one thing you can believe something else. That’s okay and that’s great, no need to pressure one another. Be good be kind ; ) Thanks for the lovely post!

Totally agree Corine. Jim

Great post Jim - I agree 100%
My old schooling days sayings " If you can't say something nice about a person - don't say anything at all."

Of course one may offer comments, but keep a civil tongue in your head, & respect the person.
It is so easy with today's social media to hit the send button without thinking how the recipient will act on your comments.


It's definitely all about respect Denis.

Respect is a big word. If we do know this important word which is apparently our beautiful community has in a big way, everything will be just alright, like our own WA community. Thank you for an insightful message, Jim. - Florentino

Thank you Florentino

It is called diversity, which is good. The world would be boring if we only get to taste one type of food.

Very true Stanley.

I agree Jim. People need to care more about being kind and supportive then being right!

Thanks Jessica.

Hi Mam! I need your help. I drafted one post to publish but could not as I failed to insert my WA affiliate link at the bottom of my post by clicking the link icon on my wp website. I tried 3/4times but with no success. It comes but not being highlighted.
Please help me.

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