My Journey so far at WA

Last Update: May 07, 2016

My journey at Wealthy Affiliate started on 12th March, 2016, i upgraded myself to premium membership keeping in mind as somebody said "BELIEVE AND ACT AS IF IT WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL".

I always wanted to do online marketing but did hot know how to do where to do and how much money will be required to invest. As you all must be aware of the fact that there are so many Internet Scams are going on. I also became victim of Internet scam.

Whenever I asked somebody how much one can earn in Online Marketing? Many people gave me the same answer SKY IS THE LIMIT. This answer raised me so many questions in my mind. If this kind of opportunities are there in online marketing then why most of the people are doing 9 to 5 Job? I presume may be many people don't know what is affiliate marketing? How to learn affiliate marketing. Where to learn & how much investment is required to learn affiliate marketing. So I started more research about affiliate marketing and in this process I came to know about I read so many positive review about and then I took the decision to join wealthy affiliate.

I have learned so many things so far and to be specific I have learned how to find key word, content creation, and I am just building my website. I have inserted images, content. Some more pages are to be prepared. My progress is very slow as I am doing in my spare time as I am also stuck in 9 to 5 job.

I have almost completed Course 2 Lesson 10. At this stage so many questions are coming to my mind, some of them are as follows : -

1 What are criteria we have to keep in mind before applying for affiliate at

2 When my website will be ready with all respect?

3 How to bring traffic to my website?

4 How to improve & maintain ranking of my website with search engine?

I have been receiving excellent from all the members of WA.

I am very much thankful to all the members for their support.


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dianegailit Premium
Great progress! Take your time and enjoy the journey :-)
jkhatri Premium
Thank you very much Diane
jkhatri Premium
Thank you very much Diane.
stevecox Premium
All the members say to take one step at a time and just complete the sequence and things fall into place. Steve
jkhatri Premium
Thank you sir.
joyweb Premium
Keep up the good work.
theresroth Premium
Great progress, my friend!
LoreDonna Premium
You will learn some more in the next courses. Read Ambassadors training too, plus upcoming video classes. ....have fun !
I joined a week after you and I am very pleased with all the training p provided here. .
jkhatri Premium
Thank you very much.