It's Not The Destination: It's The Journey That Mattters

Last Update: April 27, 2016

For quite a while now, I have "worked" at making money online. I say that in quotes because most of that time has been wasted chasing BSO's (Bright Shiny Objects). These BSOs can cost you money or time (or both). Many of them are old ideas wrapped up in a new shiny promotion.

I am sure many of them work, however I never fully gave any of them a chance. A new product or promotion would come out and away I would go. Easily distracted. Looking for that Holy Grail of internet success.

It doesn't exist. I have started on many of them, never finishing any. That is the issue at hand. That is the root cause of failure online and offline: giving up or only putting in half effort.

I believe Napoleon Hill said it best, " What the mind can Conceive and BELIEVE, the mind can Achieve!" But you can't just think about it, you have to work toward your goals. Working towards our goals is The Journey. As we travel the path of our journey to success, we will encounter many fellow travelers.

That is how I ended up here on Wealthy Affiliate. As I was traveling on my path, I encountered this training ground. Here I have found fellow travelers. I look forward to the adventures we will share.

As we said in the Navy, I wish you "Fair Winds and Following Seas."

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RTejeda Premium
I agree, achieve our goals it requires work and perseverance.
jimhan Premium
Thanks for your comment..
Goals are dreams with an action plan. Taking action, even if it's wrong at first, is better than merely dreaming and wishing it would happen.
JudeP Premium
We are all on a journey and some may take longer than others but we will all reach the same destination :)
theresroth Premium
That's what I find so different, here.
The activity of all my friends here spurs me onwards.
The training and the tasks get me in a process of accomplishment and anticipation.
A strong flow forewards becomes established....
It helps so much, even on poorer days.........
jimhan Premium
I agree, the community aspect of WA is wonderful for inspiration and possible guidance.
rosieM Premium
BSO .... the new 'bling' .... lol. I have found, since gratefully finding WA, that some of those baubles I previously purchased may be of some use ..... later, when I know what I am doing a little better and when site traffic is much larger than the 'beginning'
jimhan Premium
There are AHHHH LOT of products on my hard drive that can be useful and have definitely worked for other people.
Focusing on one project at a time is my main issue (and maybe of a lot of people here) and a tendency to go off on tangents.
WillingToTry Premium
Yep, there is no substitute for plain hard work and tenacity! A good wind and following seas are helpful!