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I have been thinking of sharing some of the reports that I have on various internet marketing topics. The topics range from Affiliate Marketing to Zipping Files.The short reports are giveaways. They give good information on the topic. For those who want a deeper understanding, there is a paid version with much more detail.I posed a question if it was against WA's terms of service(TOS) to post a link to these on here. I ask because the link would, of course, point a squeeze page for list buildin
September 15, 2016
On the ride down to camp yesterday, a co-worker and I were discussing someone's commitment to a job. He was saying that " I want a pig!"So I asked what he was talking about. He responded, "Breakfast, man. If you have eggs and ham (or bacon, sausage), the chicken participates by providing an egg... But the Pig is 100% committed."It really got me to thinking. I need to be the pig not the chicken. I have participated in quite a few online journeys.I don't believe any of them went well, because I
April 30, 2016
In the last four years, I have had a few life changing events. My youngest daughter was killed in a car wreck on Thanksgiving Day 2012, my father died in December 2014 just a few days before my birthday. Then this year, I had a heart attack.After the loss of my daughter, I determined that I would never let life just slip by me again. I've spent a large portion of the last 14 years working away from home in the mining industry. The pay is pretty good; however, I have lost precious time with my f
For quite a while now, I have "worked" at making money online. I say that in quotes because most of that time has been wasted chasing BSO's (Bright Shiny Objects). These BSOs can cost you money or time (or both). Many of them are old ideas wrapped up in a new shiny promotion.I am sure many of them work, however I never fully gave any of them a chance. A new product or promotion would come out and away I would go. Easily distracted. Looking for that Holy Grail of internet success.It doesn't exis