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Last Update: June 06, 2019

Hello all,

A friend of mine, my son's trapeze teacher, is always looking to help those in need... She mentioned that she buys socks from this company because they donate a pair to homeless people for each purchased pair. We all buy socks, don't we? So, I asked her for the link. She sent me a generic link to the Bombas website.

The socks are not cheap, but they are very good quality and I wanted to support a good cause. I ended up spending over $150 on socks for men in my family. When I completed the order, I was offered to share my personal link with the friends - so, that they could receive 25% off of their purchase and I would get $20 credit towards my next purchase.

Only then, I decided to check on their affiliate program, and yes, they offer one. Unfortunately, socks don't fit my niche at all, but if you are in sports or clothing, or something else related, this would be a great company to join as an affiliate and support a good cause. I didn't find what commissions they pay, though. You can contact them to find out before joining their program.

I'd be happy to share my one-time link, which will give you 25% discount on your own purchase and get as many pairs of socks or other clothes donated to homeless people as you purchased. I am not posting the link here - so, that it's not considered a spam. :) Private message me if you want my link.

I wanted to share yet another way of helping people and getting paid...

I wish this program were world-wide. You can purchase these socks from anywhere, but Bombas donates in the US only: “Bombas donates essential clothing to Giving Partners – from homeless shelters to community organizations – in all 50 states”

I hope this information will help some of you to broaden a variety of products for your niche and maybe give you an idea for a good post. I also hope that your purchases will keep warm many people in need.

Warm regards,

~ Julia

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wendyg53 Premium
I like their socks a lot, and I've bought several pairs of no-show socks for the summer, they do what they say, the socks stay in place and don't move around like other no-shows. However, they are expensive but worth it.

I also like the fact that they are donating a pair for every pair I buy.

In NYC I see a lot of homeless on the streets in the winter, and they are usually without socks in freezing temps. I was happy to find a company that thought of this way of giving. :-)
Jewelia Premium
Hi Wendy,

Are their no-show socks thin? I need something to wear with high-heel shoes for dancing, and as you said, every no-show socks I've purchased before, would not stay in place. I hesitated to order from Bombas because online I couldn't touch and see if they will fit my closed-toe dancing shoes...

I didn't receive my order yet, but several people told me already that the quality is really good.

Honestly, I don't like giving cash to homeless people I see on the streets. I feel much better donating on food and clothes for them. I've seen a video where people buy required items from Amazon, and Amazon delivers to those on the streets. But since homeless people are nomads most of the time, there is no guarantee that they will be in their usual place at the time of the delivery. I was pleased to find Bombas and thought that their idea was brilliant, and the product is most useful for people on the streets. They sell and donate other pieces of clothes as well.

So, I think being their affiliate should feel double-nice knowing that not only you help customers to make choice and get top quality clothing, but also help those in need to keep warm. Even now nights are still cold in many states across the US. And on top of it all, an affiliate gets his/her commissions.

What percentage do they pay in commission?

Thank you so much for the feedback. Warm regards,

~ Julia
wendyg53 Premium
I'm not sure about the numbers on their affiliate commissions, they don't list it on their site. If you reach out to them and ask let me know. I'm curious but have no plans at this time to write about accessories like socks. If I was writing about shoes, I would definitely review these socks. They're great.

I was also hesitant to buy socks online, but I took a chance. And I'm glad I did.

You just have to make sure you order the LIGHT no-shows, not the heavier ones. I ordered the heavier ones by mistake and kept them for the winter - but they are too hot for summer.

I'm on my feet and walking a lot, they don't move, so they are not exaggerating when they say their socks don't slide or creep down like other no shows. They should work well for dancing.
Jewelia Premium
Oh, I am sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were affiliated with them, or I wouldn't have asked that question about commissions. My niche is also not related. I just asked for others who may want to join their affiliate program.

Thank you for the advice: I'll order LIGHT no-show socks. :)

All the best,

~ Julia
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Julia,

That was a good shopping spree so many socks for your boys.
I think those type of initiatives are very admirable

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Jewelia Premium
Hi Taetske!

It's always nice to hear from you.

These socks are expensive, but the quality is great, and the fact that I am basically paying for two pairs of quality socks, one of which will go to someone who needs it even more than we do, makes the experience worth it.


~ Julia