Hello, S$20K Sale! Thanks So Much My Dear WA Friends!

Last Update: June 29, 2017

Hello WA Family

How are you? I hope everything is fine with you.:)

1) Last month I mentioned I had 1,846 followers on Google Plus.

I Love Google Plus I Have 1,846 Followers

Today, I am happy to announce that my google plus followers had grown from 1,846 followers to 2,103 followers, an increase of 257 followers.:)

I am now posting at least 4 to 5 times a week my LED lighting articles on Google+ and as such we had some good sales recently which is awesome news! :).

And so I am so thankful to all of you who had followed me ... If you would like to follow me on Google+, please check my WA profile. :)

2) As mentioned on my below post, I am now targeting mostly long tail keywords or low hanging fruit keywords on our websites and they are converting very well to sales.:)

Will You Benefit From Long Tail Keywords

Today I am excited ... you know why? We just got a S$20K+ sale. Wow!:)

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terrycarroll Premium
Awesome news Jewel. Congratulations.

verazhelvis Premium
paulgoodwin Premium
Well done my friend and I am so happy for you

kkwee Premium
Alysanna Premium
That's great news Jewel, keep growing your followers.

Wishing you the best!