Quality is What Matters Most

Last Update: October 04, 2020

It’s so easy to get excited and caught up about the numbers, especially when you are in a GROOVE, when you are writing content at a frantic pace on your website, and your productivity is sky high.

Believe me, I know very well.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, with such a wonderful and supportive community, we all want to share our successes right away. In fact, the founders Kyle and Carson want us to do so, this is an integral part of the company culture.

It’s also such a natural thing, and I encourage everyone to share those successes immediately, and enjoy those moments.

But the sheer amount of content you publish (whether it is blog posts, videos, or audio) is only one side of the coin.

You Might Remember, I Couldn’t Shut Up…..

Last year on my way to reaching my 100th post for the SAC Challenge (by only my 3rd month after creating my new MMO website), I was so damn excited, I couldn't shut up about it! You might even remember posts like these….

My 100th Post Completed...

Hit 80th Post Today...

Hit My 50th Post...

Moving on, I reached my 145th post with a total word count of 250,000+ words.

And then I decided to stop cold.

By month 5, after I completed 145 articles, but then I switched my focus to making You Tube videos (except for a few new articles). There was a good reason I stopped cold, even though a good number of those articles were ranking high in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Although IMO I was writing great content, following correct SEO practices, hitting good word counts (at least 1000 words per post), and following all the proper protocols, etc. I wasn’t driving the traffic to those posts like I had hoped for.

Ask Yourself 7 Basic Questions

I read Roope’s recent post. Sure, I do get his point.

The higher the numbers, the higher the probability.

If you get a good groove, going, why not?

When I completed my 100th article (by only my 3rd month after I built my new website) I felt elated!

Heck I know, it’s quite addictive to write daily and be on a roll! Ideally, we’d like EVERY post to rank and convert for us, right? I would’ve been up to over 300 posts by now.

But complete mastery of the diverse skills required to “turn our dogs into stallions” may mean we need to sacrifice one comfortable element in the tool box (i.e., writing posts) we know very well, in order to gain mastery of a new less comfortable but more effective one. (i.e., creating videos).

So the moral of the story here (and what I learned), is that it may feel great to reach that HIGH NUMBER quickly (in my case 100 by month 3, and 145 by month 5), but in the grand scheme of it all, (after publishing a certain number of posts) your speed in writing and the total number you publish will not matter.

At the end of the day, all that matters is how much traffic you are driving to your best (key) articles (or how much watch time and views to your videos), and how well they are converting.

Ask yourself these 7 Basic questions, (and try to give yourself honest answers…)

  • What is the true quality of your content?
  • Is your content relevant to your target keywords?
  • Do people really want the content and products you are offering?
  • How well is your content aligned with your audience?
  • How well is your content resonating with your audience?
  • How much traffic are you getting?
  • How well is your content setup to capitalize for conversions?

I Listened to the Genius

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I’m glad I decided to “do a complete 180” at the point my writing was most prolific, and learn the art of creating You Tube videos. There is always something new to learn, and take action upon.

Sometimes we simply need to force ourselves out of our comfort zones. Thankfully, I rejected insanity, and chose reason.

What I realized is this:

It's better to have 20 key articles (or videos) that are optimized and getting traffic and driving high conversions, than 100 + articles (or videos) that are driving hardly any conversions.

This is really important. Focus on the things that mattter most. Do you due diligence here at the very least.

Make sure that your most popular, engaging, and most relevant articles and reviews that are getting the most traffic are setup up perfectly to optimize for conversions.

That means for your posts (and videos) that are consistently resonating with your audience the most, make sure that your target keyword is correct, your "hook" is strong and within the first 7 seconds, you images are crisp (and don't forget your ALT text), all your affiliate links in place (and not broken), and your CTAs are clear, direct, and highly clickable.

Now after going back to many of those 147 posts, updating them and making them better, by addressing every one of these points, and by adding associated videos to them, etc. (to drive more traffic), my traffic is steadily improving as well as conversions.

And I’ve even started adding/ writing new posts again.

Whether your content are posts, videos, audio (or a combination of any or all three), your conversion rate will be predicated on the quality of your content, whether your products and services fill your audiences' needs, and how well your content speaks to that audience.

Your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts will give you all the answers you will need. Learn to interpret the important data, and monitor them regularly.

Quality is what matters most.

So I would suggest focus more on the Quality, not only the quantity.



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EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Kaju,

I am honored that you were inspired by my recent post to write this. You hit the nail on the head. Quality should come before quantity. Of course the goal is to have both. But that is easier said than done when the focus is primarily on quantity.

In my case I didn't rush and focused on quality. Yet my traffic has much to be desired. I need to answer the 7 questions you presented. In fact, my post addressed some of the 7 questions you posed. I feel I am on the same page as you.

Now that I have competed 100 posts, before I charge away and write more, I will focus on using Google Analytics and Search Console to see which of my posts have got the most traffic. And see what I need to do in future to drive more traffic to more posts.

For example, big part of my website is devoted to the training entrepreneurs need to become better in their online businesses. I have to find those forums where people are looking for solutions to their issues and make recommendations there in response to their questions.

You have made me pause and think smart. Many thanks to you Kaju. I wish you continued success in your affiliate marketing journey.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Wonderful Edwin, you are on the right path. I believe you did this the right way. You've accomplished something GREAT by reaching 100 posts, and should be commended:)

At the same time, you are also acting wisely to give pause and play it smart from here. There should be no rush to get to 200.
Focus on the best of these first 100 as a start. Our TRUE WINNERS (posts that outperform others) are the ones that MEET most of my 7 Questions.

Our goal should be to get our best posts (or an ideal EVERY POST - running on all 4 cylinders).

Wishing you much Contuned Success on your Journey in Affiliate Marketing;

PMindra Premium
Hi, Kaju.
Paul mindra here just north of you.
I am following your work respectfully.

Regardings some thoughts in your post:

I always believed that 'Mass' was not the way to go.
My goodness...to have 500 plus posts to re-organize later would be a bit of a challenge and headache.

So you won the race with 500 plus posts and articles. Nice.

So how do you handle them now?

No, I'm not going to ask the community because a pop-up even frm wealthy affiliate is rude and disturbing.

Do you have any idea how much time and effort it is going to take just to organize your efforts at WA.

I wish everyone well.

I have about 10 at WA.

Your thoughts are valued.

Your good guy just north of you,

jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi (Good Guy Just North of Me),

You are in good graces, my friend:)
Even with those 10 you currently have, focus on optimizing these by asking yourself the "7 Questions".

Keep improving your BEST posts to drive more traffic to them (anyway you can)..

You can generate great results (and income) from 10 posts alone, you don't need 500, or even 100.

PMindra Premium

What are the seven questions?
I drive huge traffic just from what I have done so far on pages. I will write posts shortly according to WA training.

I am having a great time moving forward.

How are things on your end?

jetrbby80316 Premium
That's fantastic Paul! Keep up the great work.
Things are going fine here so far:)
PMindra Premium
Good to hear.
What are the seven questions?

jetrbby80316 Premium
They are in the article above, Paul:)
Isaiah14 Premium
I appreciate the perspective Kaju. I'm not as lightning fast like other members who can write that many blogs in three months. But I do make sure that I'm producing quality content.

Isaiah 😊
jetrbby80316 Premium
You don't have to be Isaiah. Honestly as exciting (and ego-inflating) it was for me, in hindsight running up to 100 posts in 3 months (faster than anyone in my SAC group), it hasn't given me any greater advantage than accomplishing this over 6-12 months.

The only thing it accomplished was it got those posts "done" (which I suppose is an accomplishment in itself), but there are only a handful of them driving the traffic and conversions that make a difference.

It's great that you are producing quality content, that's what is important. Keep focusing on driving traffic to THOSE posts!

Much Continued Success,
LenkaSophie Premium
You are right about the quality, Kaju. Also, I believe that everyone has to find their own routine and schedule. In the first 3 months of this year, I would write 3 posts a week but I didn't enjoy it, it was like a marathon. I can't imagine posting daily.
When I write one or two articles a week, I can enjoy the process and I believe the quality is better as well.
All the best, my friend!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi Lenka,

One or two high quality articles per week is enough. And its better that way, because you are enjoying the process.

Honestly as exciting (and ego-inflating) it was for me, in hindsight running up to 100 posts in 3 months (faster than anyone in my SAC group), it hasn't given me any greater advantage than accomplishing this over 6-12 months.

The only thing it accomplished was it got those posts "done" (which I suppose is an accomplishment in itself), but there are only a handful of them driving the traffic and conversions that make a difference.

Remember, unlike many of the members here, we are ALSO creating You Tube videos (which is even more work). The KEY is to maximize our leverage and productivity by combining our best videos with the most relevant posts.

It's great that you are producing quality content, that's what is important. Keep focusing on driving traffic to THOSE posts, and asking yourself the "7 Questions"!