It's My 500th WA Post - It's About Time!


Well, My Friends – as I write you here, this one marks a milestone.

Today’s post marks my 500th WA post, and all I can say – it’s about Time!


You’ve all been wonderful supporters for me, and I am very grateful.

I remember when I first began at WA in March 2017, I used the platform to write novellas, trainings, all sorts of content. I was so excited to write and share my thoughts, knowledge, and opinions here. This lasted for over a year and half through the Fall of 2018, even while I had built a website.

Writing and sharing my knowledge this way while always helping others certainly highly contributed toward becoming a WA Ambassador ranked #4 for 163 consecutive days. And for a total of 738 days.

It was fun while it lasted, and I’m glad to see some of the newer “elite” members who have adopted the protocol and are enjoying themselves.

These days when I do write (much less frequently), my posts are much shorter about 400-500 words. However, since this is my 500thpost, I’ve decided that I will write more and share some of my personal experiences in this post, more than I have in a long time.

Here's what I see now (you might see a different number). 500 on the counter.

Get ready for an usually long post, one that you may never see again (or at least not until the 600th!)

Random Takeaways from Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is such an awesome place to learn all the key tools you will need to become a successful online marketer. But remember, these are only tools.

In order to be successful, as in any endeavor, you will need to learn how to use ALL the tools you have learned here at WA in the real world when you need them, and work your ass off every day.

Don’t just learn them academically and store them away – although this is very efficient in the beginning – APPLY THEM. Experiment with your newly acquired knowledge; no doubt when you try using them in the beginning, you will fail many times – just like a baby learning how to take their first steps.

On rare occasions, you will succeed on one of your first few attempts.

But this is a rarity; here’s usually what will happen.

You will fall. You will fail.

And fall again. And fail once more.

However, after falling and failing umpteen times, one day you will FINALLY WALK.

Unless you give up along the way.

So just don’t give up.


That’s when things will get really exciting!

Learning to Build a Website

Perhaps one of the most valuable skills we learn here at Wealthy Affiliate is how to build a website. And I don’t mean only a nice looking website (or one in 30 seconds), although it certainly helps.

A website that is optimized to drive traffic.

Traffic is the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s the juice. You can have the best ideas, the best products, but unless you learn how to get traffic, you will not make money online. Without traffic, your website cannot be successful.

Even if you were to learn nothing else than this ONE skill alone, it would be worth every dime of your entire year’s Premium membership price. But at Wealthy Affiliate, with all the incredible training and ongoing supplemental weekly video seminars by Jay, you will get SO much more value if YOU decide to take advantage of it all.

Simply posting regularly on Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn how to write and to create engaging content. It helps you to develop your writing and become a great communicator.

Wonderful. You are a very smart cookie to take advantage of this perk on this great platform.

Doing is knowing. I’ve now written 500 of them. And this does not include any of the articles I have published on my multiple websites. Add at least 200 or more so articles to this.

So now you’ve done all the training, and you’ve written a bunch of articles on the platform. Perhaps not 500, but even 50 is a enough.

At some point, it’s time to leave the nest, and spread your wings and fly.

Take your writing experience from Wealthy Affiliate, and APPLY IT to your own website (which hopefully is one you have built yourself, with the training you have learned at WA).

This needs to be a conscious decision and full-fledge effort.

This is where the magic happens.

You need to apply what you practice here at Wealthy Affiliate to the real world where you will be building your online business.

I’m Proud to Have Created 7 Properties

I’m proud to say I have created 7 properties from scratch utilizing the tools and skills I’ve learned directly and indirectly from Wealthy Affiliate.

A few of those properties are currently monetizing, but there are several others that are a long-term investments that will eventually become good income generators.

What’s even better? Whatever properties I decide not to keep, I can sell on the market in time.

1. Talking Taiwan podcast – this is our Gem. Next Monday will be our 84th episode. We have interviewed stellar guests and published and produced 27 new episodes only in the past 3 months and are now on a total winning streak.

    Due to our Talking Taiwan podcast, we have now been chosen to be the production company behind a NEW podcast for special a Ted Talk type series. This will only further boost our profile in our niche

    This will be monetizing very soon. I did not learn these skills related to podcasting and production directly through Wealthy Affiliate, but the skills I learned in building/ maintaining the podcasts’ WordPress website has been essential.

    Podcasting is the area of content creation thatis not yet over saturated and has the most room for growth.

    2. My Affiliate MMO website – In 2019 I decided to place the lion-share of my efforts into creating a higher-level optimized website for conversions, connected to email marketing automation where I would write posts related to affiliate MMO and other related business topics. The new site went live in late March.

      After writing 145 reviews and business-related posts at a frenetic pace from late March in late November 2019, I decided to temporarily shelve the project in lieu of focusing my efforts on building a New You Tube channel I has planned doing for several months.

      I do not regret shifting my focus and attention to You Tube, even though 25 of those posts currently rank on Page 1, with some ranking #1 on Page 1.

      Now after a 7-month hiatus, I am going back to the best of those 145 posts and creating YT videos for them as additional traffic-drivers. Although to this day not much money has been made from this site, with the additional You Tube video traffic I have learned to drive here is another property that will be monetizing over time.

      These videos will be hosted on a new separate You Tube channel I recently created, the Search-based channel I mention as the last property.

      3. Karaoke Pub Crawl You Tube “vlog” Channel – For those of you who know my Karaoke Pub Crawl channel that I created in December 2019 (that’s when my first real related video on my vlog for the channel was published), knows this has been and continues to be a true passion of mine, where I continue to create 1 new video per week for the past 7 months.

      Creating and building up a Subscriber-base to monetize a vlog-style channel (personal story-telling) is a lot harder than building up a subscriber-base for a Search-based (“How To Tutorial”) channel. This is especially true in the first year.

      Although this is the most challenging way to monetize (you need BOTH 1000 subscribers AND 4000 watch hours within 365 days - and an AdSense account to be eligible), it is possible in time, and learning all the “tricks” in filming and editing to make a compelling video for a You Tube audience has become a great acquired skill set.

      Currently I am working it with almost 400 subscribers. This will monetize over time.

      Since Covid-19, I’ve had to pivot some of my content. I’ve created a compelling Coronavirus series playlist within the channel (one of 7 playlists), that has not only stretched out my story-telling and video-making skills (and kept my sanity through this pandemic in the process), I think I’ve created a compelling series of 10 videos that ask some deeper questions.

      So check out my channel, and please subscribe if you like my content. It would be greatly appreciated.

      4. AirBnB Experience Host Business – this is my own part-time tour service business in NYC where I was generating monthly income up until the shutdowns of Covid-19. Unfortunately, the hospitality industry has been hit hard, and some will never recover. AirBnB laid off 30% of their international workforce in late March; however AirBnB Experience hosts are independent contractors who were not affected by the layoffs.

      Some have decided to host their events online through Zoom call events, I may do this in the future although it has not been a priority of focus for me. When live hosting returns, I will resume my tours.

      Once again, I did not learn these skills related to giving tours in my niche directly through Wealthy Affiliate, but the skills I learned to build/ maintain the tours WordPress website has been a great asset.

      5. My Shopify store – Ever since 2018, this property has been steadily generating income (and still does to this day), even though I do not always check it.

      6. My Interior Design website – this site of mine was the first WordPress site I built on WA. It’s a main income generator. It’s still a place to showcase my interior design work, grab people’s attention to review our work and make the appointment, thus landing the client and generating income.

      7. My New Search-Based You Tube Channel – this is the channel I only recently created to upload my videos that are directly related to my MMO site. It is important not to upload these videos on your vlog-style channel (like mine) if you have one.

      For doing so would be a fatal error since both styles are not even closely related. This act would destroy both the vlog-style videos and Search-based video You Tube rankings.

      When you can provide helpful content that solves a problem for the viewer, you can build up a larger subscriber-base faster than with a vlog-style channel. That's because your viewers need your content.

      A the moment, I am in the process of creating these type of videos, whic draw upon my experience from my vlog channel.

      Find Your Own Path

      As you can see, I’ve decided to take a non-traditional approach.

      I don't recommend others take this approach, but it has worked for me.

      There are a few Super Affiliates few and far between here who laser focused on one area of online marketing only and have created highly profitable online businesses. Usually they created these businesses in the affiliate marketing space by writing reviews.

      This is what WA recommends most here to do. I truly applaud them.

      However, from the beginning I consciously made the decision to take a different investment strategy; by learning to create several different properties that I could first monetize and then appreciate in value.

      Yes, I knew this path would take longer, but learning how to build, monetize, and MASTER new platforms online is one that continues to challenge me, give me great ongoing PERSONAL satisfaction daily, and one which the investments I created will grow bigger over time..

      Although the path I have chosen takes longer, in the end I will have more platforms I've invested in where I can generate different passive income streams. This is already takng place.

      What is most important for all of them, is I had to take action. Not only by learning something academically and then "bookmarking it" for later rretrieval.

      Going back to the bookmark, studying. learning it, and DOING IT.

      Thank You for reading my official 500th Wealthy Affiliate post, and for all your wonderful support WA’ers.

      Remember to keep learning, but make sure you take action.

      I wish you many Great Days ahead in 2020!

      Stay Safe.



      Wow- didn't realize it hit 2097 words!

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      Recent Comments


      Hello Kaju, Huge congratulations to you for the 500 th blog post and the numerous work adventures! I am glad to hear that they are giving you great personal satisfaction as you are now reaping the fruits of your hard work, applying the knowledge from WA training and doing what you have to do to get to where you want to be. You have strong determination to succeed and you are succeeding! Very happy for you! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I wish you continued success!


      Hi Evelyn,

      In there times of enormous challenge, we can all find our own Silver Lining. I highly recommend everyone take some time to work and take action on the things they have learned in WA - and if they need to go back and review the training, DO that first.

      Hoping you are progressing with your business(s) while we all move through this pandemic.
      Stay well and safe:)


      Hi Kaju,
      Congratulations not only on your 500th post but on all the avenues you have gone with you various businesses.

      This gives us hope and light as we go in our own direction as it shows the need to diversify

      Best wishes for continued success in all of your ventures.


      Thanks Bill and Sue, diversification is highly important; some of those businesss (AirBnB) have halted for now, so I'm glad I have other income streams to make u for the slack.

      Wear your mask, social distance and Stay Safe:)


      Hi Kaju,
      Some great advice. Thanks for being an inspiration.

      Bill & Sue

      Always a pleasure:)

      Wow! Kaju you have really pushed the limits with this blog. Don't you realise we all have short attention spans.
      Actually, I started listening more intently when you mentioned the Shopify store. Ecommerce is something I've been more and more interested in lately. I just wish we had some easy to follow instructions at WA on how to build your own store. Did you build yours here, or elsewhere? I know that one of our fellow members was going to develope some training on this about 18 months ago, but it never eventuated. There are heaps of advs in FB at the moment promising cheap monthly deals, but when you go into their sites they are full of expensive upgrades.
      Like you, I have a number of properties that I hope to develope this year. We do have to find our own paths. I personally believe that when picking a niche ( or two or ten) we need to concentrate on those areas that interest us. So yes, it's imperative we follow our own paths. All the best. Jim

      I've had that Shopify store for a long time now,, Jim - and I learned how to build it from other instruction. Actually just Google it, it is not hard to build one at all.

      Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors, it will pay off:)


      Good mourning Kaju,

      I hope you're doing well, it's great to see you writing again, I know you have a lot of commitments.

      I had no idea that you had written 500 blog posts Kaju, that's a lot of posts in a very short time! Your story is very interesting, as we know everyone's story is unique and everyone comes in from a different angle.

      You've obviously been very busy in the last few years, it's great that things are coming together. I am looking forward to seeing your 600 hundredth blog post Kaju!

      Have a great day and huge congratulations.


      Wonderful to see you Roy, and happy you and your family are doing well.

      Congratulations on making t back to Ambassador! You deserve it, my friend. It feel good to be busy, but even better to see the great progress we are making on our projects. Its an exciting time.

      As a result, don;t have nearly as much time to write here, but I try to "get one in here and there" whenever I can.

      Stay safe and healthy, its getting a bit bumpier out there again:)

      Good morning Kaju,

      Thank you for your kind comments, I didn't really expect to be an ambassador again, however, I am for the moment. I think we all have chapters in our life where we spend more time on certain things.

      It's great that you have exciting projects and things happening, great news Kaju. I look forward to seeing your progress updates.

      I still find it amazing that you have written 500 blogs on Wealthy Affiliate, that really is quite something.

      Wishing you every success in what you are doing.


      Thanks Roy:) These days I am "squeezing them in" between projects:)

      500th blog post? Wow!
      It seems to me you've achieved a lot of things-- I think your sites will the reason for you not to worry about your future! LOL

      And it's okay if you have chosen the "long" path anyway you'll gonna get there. You'll reach your success.

      Anyway this post is long but worth reading as usual!

      Stay safe too.

      Hi Mina,

      Thanks for your awesome support as always. Yes, our sites are investments, some will pay off great. some will flounder. So its important to have your hands in a few different properties.

      I see progress, and its very empowering.

      All the Best,

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