Drink Celery Juice Daily

Last Update: Sep 23, 2020


Drinking celery juice daily has been a game changer. I never thougt I'd recommend it, but now doing this for nearly one month I can speak from my own experience.

It provides enormous detoxification benefits to your system.

I'm not in the health niche, but I recently went on an all plant-based in my diet since September 1.

Let me tell you, I feell great, and have not been so mentally clear and focued in years.

Wrote this Article to Inspire Some to Write

Particularly, I wrote this quick article to hopefully inspire some of my friends (who are in the healthy ating niche) to write or record a You Tube video about the subject.

I start everyday drinking celery juice because it detoxes my entire system. But it has to be FRESH celery; you should not keep celery juice in your fridge overnight for it loses its nutritional value.

So what I do is chop up 1 1/3 bags the night before, place it in a ziplock bag in the fridge, and when I wake up I empty all of the chopped celery in my Vita-Mix, which I LOVE (yeah Kyle!!).

I turn the Vitamix on "7" and puree the celery for 1 minte 30 seconds. Then all I aneed to do is strain the pureed celery through a netted bag (you can purchase this on Amazon) and squeeze the juice out of the pureed celery into a glass.

Bingo, I have about 16 ounces of celery juice.!I drinlk it, and then after finishing WAIT 25 minutes before I prepare my first meal. This gives your body an entire detox for the day without tainting the celery juice detoxifying properties with foods.

As I said, I'm not in the health niche (and don't write about it), but this has been working for me. And I understand celery juice has been wiorking for millions of people worldwide.

So once again, the reason I write this is hopefully to INSPIRE members in the health niche (and especially a few WA friends here I KNOW) to research, write or make videos on celery juice.

I would never go so far as to say drinking celery juice is a miracle food (as some have claimed) but it has been working for me!



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Anthony William aka Medical Medium was the one who started the celery juice movement years ago.

And I'm glad more and more people are drinking CJ - it's a miracle drink indeed. I came across his info when I was desperate to recover after the surgery, and certainly felt the effect of the CJ (especially in combination with his other advice/protocols).

I encourage you to add this link in your post so that people get info directly from AW as well (the original source):

Good on you for taking better care of your health, Kaju. I wanna go on a plant based diet myself eventually.

That's totally correct Zarina, I also follow Anthony William, he is the "Medical Medium". We read his book too. Thanks, the plant based diet is going really well, and I do not crave going off of it.

I'm happy for you that you discovered this miracle drink just when you needed it most, Z!

The plant-based diet is not as hard as I thought it would be, in fact it is easy for me (and am sure it will be for you if you decide to try it!)

Funny, when I read your post on CJ and going plant-based, I thought you must've come across his books/podcast etc. Good on you and stay healthy!

Thanks Z:)

It sounds like it is working well for you, but I have no doubt your decision to go plant based at the beginning of September is adding to the benefits.

I do have a question about refrigeration - when I worked in the produce department (many moons ago) we would always take the majority of the product out of a refrigerator int he morning, put it in the chillers for the day and then remove it and back into refrigeration for the night.,

I am not certain, that this is done now due to better chillers etc, but even so celery and indeed most fresh vegetables are always stored under refrigeration, so my question is why would our refrigerator at home be so detrimental to maintaining nutrients?

I am curious about this and by no means do I claim to know the answer, but I would like to understand.


I believe refrigeration is perfect BUT by keeping the celery in its solid-form until you are ready to juice it. That is the KEY.

So to save time, I chop up the celery the night before, and place it in a large zip lock storage bag in the refrigerator. The next morning I place all the cut pieces in my Vitamix, and juice it FRESH from the refrigerator.

What you DON'T want to do Alex, is juice it the night before, and leave it in the refrigerator in liquid form, that will kill all the benefit.


Thanks, Kaju,

I misunderstood what you were saying before. It makes sense now.
Thank you for the explanation.


Excellent. your welcome Alex:)

Kudos to you Kaju, honestly, I admire you for this. I've heard of the awesome benefits of celery juice several times but unfortunately, celery and parsley are the only vegetables I can't stand the taste of.
I love everything else, in juice form, raw or cooked, plus all spices, herbs, everything. But can't imagine consuming celery. I believe each of us is different and we should listen to our bodies so I just have to go for something else.
But thanks for the inspiration, I will do some research on it and maybe there is something that has similar detoxifying effect.

I know what you mean Lenka! I have always hated the smell of parsley. Luckily Celery goes down well with me.

Definitely listen to your body, and you are doing a GREAT job at sharing your nutritional experiences, Lenka.

I appreciate it. The only thing I would say is I was skeptical about the taste also before I tried celery juice, (but within 1 hour) I began to like it. Now I love the taste.

Yeah, looking forward to your new videos and seeing what you wil come up with on the front of other detoxification products:)


I've also always hated it for no particular reason. People in my country put parsley leaves on sandwiches, I always take them down and throw them away :)

Never thought, I'd love the taste of celery juice either...well, I love it now!

If you are daring, try mixing celery juice with mint or carrots or another veggie (similiar to what Jane is doing)

John just write here he mixed with with an apple, and thought it tasted great:)

Hi Kaju,

In love eating raw celery stalks. I suppose it would take eating a lot of celery to equate to what goes into a cup of celery juice.

I thought that a great deal of the benefit is in the solid parts of veggies. Don't you think that when you throw away the celery husk a lot of nutrients are being wasted? This is just an aside. '

Your main point about detox is very clear. Thanks for sharing.



Supposedly you are getting all of the benefits of the solid parts by drink the celery juice FRESH after you juice it in your Vita-Mix or juicer.

Celery juice is different from other forms. I believe the reason is you are still retaining almost if not all of the "nutrition contained in the solid parts" by squeezing the purree through the netted bag to get the juice.

This is what I've read, and also I feel this from my experience, Edwin:)


Hi Kaju
What an awesome post!
I have been juicing celery and taking it first thing before breakfast.
I add a bit of ginger root, 1 whole lemon and a small cucumber.
Blend the whole thing with little water.
Strain and drink. Tastes great 👍🏾

Thanks Jane, I never thought of the ginger and lemon, I will need to try it! You are giving all of us great "food for thought." Keep juicing, its amazing!

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