Yay! Page 1 number 2 on Google

Last Update: August 13, 2014

All done in under a month. Hard work and a little research... I actually found a post

http://onlinedollars.siterubix.com/social-media-tips and reposted the idea's in which it contained and while I was at it had started to put the principals into practice. Day two or three after I found it and I plugged in one of my keywords and volia there I am in the number two spot on google.

This doesn't mean that it will work for everyone, but as I didn't use the keyword tools or anything along that line and spot 2 on page one in two or three days...? Speaks a little to it's own benefit at least to me.

I have also been working on SEO as I posted it before in one of my blogs. Was it a combination effort...most likely. Do I really care? Not in the slightest as I'm going to keep going the way that I am and hopefully I can keep up on the trend.

Keep plugging away and keep learning how things work for you is my best advice. I listened to and watched and read the lessons and it was all good advice, but as there are a million and one ways to get your message out there... Keep finding the way that works for you and keep talking to people.

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David_S Premium
That is such a great feeling isn't it? Congrats and keep it up!
JeremyWinter Premium
See above reply... =) being lazy at the moment...
SoupGypsy Premium
Congratulations on your success. Just as there are often many ways to answer a math problem, there are many ways to solve a sucess riddle. WA is available for support and has some whopper tools to make it happen even faster. Wishes for speedy success.
JeremyWinter Premium
As I actually found the Social Media post on here I compleatly concure.
Xavieur Premium
Well done Jeremy
neilc Premium
Well done, Jeremy :)

You will soon be on your way to earning a fortune ;)

gboone Premium
Great job!