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August 18, 2014
I posted the SEO post, did my test... Month to the day and I just checked a few of my keywords and they are on the first page of Google... This is not to say they all are, but most of my social media posts are... We're not talking small keywords either... Weight loss and words along that line ranked in Google 3rd, 4th, 6th... I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but as I said yesterday...I'm in love... I ran through all my website posts and added #hashtags to them all and now it's ju
August 17, 2014
Less or maybe it is a month with Wealthy Affiliate and now I have not one, but TWO pages that were listed on the first page of Google. So I've decided that I;m in love with #hashtags. I posted a blog about social media a couple of about a week ago and since I found out that information I had decided to runn my own little test... Any good scientific theroy being tested needs a control group and low and behold I had a second site that was doing pretty much nothing... It has been up for a while so
All done in under a month. Hard work and a little research... I actually found a post and reposted the idea's in which it contained and while I was at it had started to put the principals into practice. Day two or three after I found it and I plugged in one of my keywords and volia there I am in the number two spot on google. This doesn't mean that it will work for everyone, but as I didn't use the keyword tools or anything along that line an
August 07, 2014
I came across something a bit ago. Seven secrets to helping increase sales... This wasn't the title, but I took the information and not the title. In all reality it is more Seven types of behavior to target with your copy: 1: SHAME Ambition to escape the unwanted is available in a larger number of people (than positive motivation) and easier to stimulate than is ambition for gain or benefit The Shame List Left out, left behind Un-cool Stupid Attached to a loser/losing argument Embarrassed Fooli
August 06, 2014
Some things to consider when typing up your content for your website as far as SEO. These are the bare minimum you want to consider for Search engines to index your site with high rankings. Keyword density. Between 2.0% and 4.5% is the recommended interval. Your title contains. Between 5 and 70 characters and contains your most important keywords. Body Content. Keyword / phrase appears in the page meta description. Meta keywords contains contains your most important keywords. Keyword / phrase a
July 19, 2014
O.k., so I have upgraded to premium. Now my personal challange is to make enough to pay for it again next month. I set up my website I'm working on the content and learning A LOT of things that I had not reasoned before. Now that I know them I know something will come of it, but I also know that I have barely scratched the surfac of what is on the site here to learn. What will the future hold for me? Not a clue, but if things keep going the route that they are now... It's going to be a ride! Yo