Winter Weather Wednesday Will Wake Wonderful Wanderings & Wonder!

Last Update: January 19, 2022

Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Kitty and I woke up to what had been expected--much colder temperatures, overcast skies, and some pesky winds which only exacerbated the cold temperatures! In fact, we only ended up reaching a high of 22 degrees Fahrenheit!)

Nevertheless, it is a new day and progress must continue!

Kitty sort of seemed nonchalant about this as she had her back turned to me in the "office".

This didn't necessarily surprise me since we had been sleeping soundly, and had been very warm when the third alarm finally got us out of bed at 8 am! I told her simply that we had to get back in the daily grind!

The morning sojourn into the Wealthy Affiliate Community went without a hitch, and we were off and rolling!

The eBay house obviously had a chill in the air, and so the first order of business was more me to grab the home made candle I had constructed last night with four of the 100 wicks that I had received yesterday in the mail--from eBay, of course! (with shipping and taxes added, they cost me about 15 cents each!)

Last night, I melted wax from dead candles and poured it into another metal coffee can with wicks technically in place!

I ultimately added a fourth! The next time I do this will involve a homemade jig that I am making to keep them more centered as I slowly pour in the wax in stages.

This morning's finished product looked like this!

I will let it burn for a while before I affix the terracotta pot on top! This one will last several days, I suspect!

After I got it going, it was then time to perform yet more Wealthy Affiliate research! As many of you know this is a continual process, especially since things change almost daily!

Like I have always said, no day is deemed complete without doing this at least once! Now, I can get on with the day!

Business is still slow, though I know it is because of a variety of factors: Property taxes were just extracted, winter weather has slowed some things down, and finally, inflation is also crimping peoples' ever-shrinking budgets!

Still, I keep doing my best to be prepared to do a job, should one come in right now!

There are always things to do in a physical business even when the work is slow!

About this time, Monica called and came over shortly to drop off some things to me, and also took me to La Fiesta Mexican food restaurant for a late lunch! (I was paying, of course, but her car runs the best!)

We talked and had a good time, and the food was GREAT!

It was just long overdue! It is another small step in the right direction, IF we are to stay together!

Then, in what seemed like a flash, our time was done!

When we were back at the eBay house and sitting in her car chatting, I took a picture of the one time that the sun came out today!

The rest of the day will be spent finishing writing this blog post, being on the computer again, and doing some work clearing away the fireplace to see what condition the chimney is in! I might get lucky there, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Here is another Blog Dog photo from the past! Monica stated that she will send some more soon!


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MiaL Premium Plus
Hi Jeff, that's great that you make your own candles. What a clever idea and excellent source of heat! A potential business opportunity?
That's one heck of a big plate of food :) It must have been nice to spend some time with Monica.
Stay well friend!
Melissa and Peggy
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I stumbled onto it out of necessity, Melissa! I went to auctions for many years, so there were lots of candles to burn, but when they "die", there is lots of paraffin left over, so I looked on YT, and discovered ways to do this, and, sop far it is working out pretty well!

Yes, and Monica almost ate it all! I'm so glad that we could get together!

Say hi to Peggy for us!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
I like the look of your homemade source of heat there Jeffrey!!

But does that actually keep you warm?🤔🤔... well thinking about it, any heat is better than no heat I suppose!

Great news that you had lunch with Monica again... but that is a seriously HUGE Mexican 'salad' she is chomping on in the photo!!

Stay safe and warm my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks, Nick! It provides some relief from the frigid temps, but I am constantly refining them, and I expect a breakthrough eventually! It took Edison a while to perfect the light bulb, after all!

I wonder if there was some Ribeye in her Mexican salad? 🤔🤔

I hope your Frisatsu eve is progressing well, my friend!

KathyAnne Premium Plus
Monica looks in a thoughtful mood, and I truly hope you stay together. I really love your candle heater and hope you can use the fireplace as well. Inflation is having an effect here to, with energy prices about to soar in April! Lovely photos and hope Kitty is keeping warm. My furry assistant gets into bed with me as well. He’s now looking out of the window pondering on the day ahead! Best wishes to you and Monica
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Yes, Kathy, I think so too! I am optimistic, but there is still a long way to go, so I'm not letting my hopes get too high! She even came and picked me up in the evening and we went to Walmart!

I have a new heater that I built last night--or more like the wee hours of the morning! Tested it a little last night, and have it re-lit this morning! With our temperature being 7 degrees Fahrenheit right now, I need to get some things going!

I'm glad your furry assistant does the same--it makes for a much warmer bed!

Have an excellent day!

west2000 Premium
Mmmm...Mexican food sounds delish, Jeff! What's your fave. So glad to hear you had a great lunch with Monica. Things are looking up! Hope your chimney is functional...that would add some heat. But the new candle is looking good, too. I like that tree pic with the rippling clouds. Kind of makes me think of a beach in the sky. Have a great evening 🥶

Susan ☃️
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It was, Susan! I love the taco salads, but my absolute fav is Fajitas! Yum yum!

I hope things are looking up, it sure didn't hurt to have a nice date with her though!

I liked that image too, and I love your description of it! You are absolutely right, my friend!

I hope you had a great evening! I have been on the phone with friends for most of the evening, so I am a bit late in responding!

west2000 Premium
No worries, Jeff. Now I am late at responding too. The past few days have been really challenging. But at least the sun was out in the 2F weather today lol. Fajitas and taco salads are my faves too along with plenty of chips and salsa (and maybe a marg to go with it) happy for you that you had a great date! Have a great rest of your day 🌝
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks for your kind words, Susan! Had it been any other time of day, an alcoholci beverage would have gone down nicely!

BRRRR! 🥶 2 Degrees? I was complaining about 7 degrees today!

Stay safe and warm, my friend!

west2000 Premium
Very true, indeed!'s cold. Stay toasty, my friend. 🥶👍
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Yes, I will be toasty as soon as I retire under the "blanket mass", Susan! 🤣😹
Bridges Premium
That candle turned out great, Jeff, considering there was nothing tonhold the wicks. With the jig you can turn it into another business.

So happy you had lunch with Monica. Late lunches are best, after the crowd dissipates, so you can talk in a quieter atmosphere.

Have a warm evening.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks, Archie! You might have a point there! 🤔🤔 I picked up some necessary materials at Walmart tonight at a good price too, my friend!

I was quite Happy with lunch, and she also ended up taking me to Walmart later in the evening too! I am feeling a bit better about things, but there is still a long way to go! God willing!

We are at 11 degrees right nw, but I'll manage to stay warm somehow!

This might be good material for a book!

Enjoy your evening!

Bridges Premium
The candle making DIY book, or the romance novel?? Or, even How to Survive the Bitter Cold with a Candle?
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Likely the first and third with perhaps a little Romance thrown in there to keep things interesting!