Truly Trying Thursday Travails Tend To Tire!

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I'll make this one short since it has been a very tiring day! I had morning images up, but decided not to use them since I got back much later that I expected too!

Before I left, I did complete the morning Wealthy Affiliate Community foray.

That at least got the day started off well.

Before I left, I captured an image of Kitty in bed.

I had 2 estimates to give--one job resolved itself, even though I did go to see them, and I also had a car unlock, as well. I still have to email the one estimate I did give.

I remained at the locksmith shop house for a couple of hours cutting keys and fielding calls.

The reason the day is late is because my Truck was acting up a lot today.

I was lucky to catch Tommy Williams at his shop right then.

He got me somewhat squared away.

I was very happy about that, and am now home putting the final touches on this shortened post. Will will be on the computer off and on for a while longer!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Sounds like a tiring one Jeff but I can't believe that the only working vehicle in your fleet is playing up!!

It's not like you drive very far!!!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful start to Frisatsu my friend!!


I don't care about that--that's why I have friends to help me out.

It is doing better, and I had another job today already too, and landed one for Monday!

I don't put my posts out for people that are aren't knowledgeable enough to be a critic.

Happy Frisatsu!


That's fantastic to hear Jeff, not sure I understand the last sentence though!!

Happy Frisatsu my friend, I hope you enjoy a wonderful one!!


You don't know the situation, so therefore, remain silent. It has been and will still be addressed as things progress! That is the good thing about having friends and associates around that can assist.

I have many great business associates in my small town.


Still not sure what you are talking about here Jeff, but... I totally agree that it is great to have many friends and business associates wherever we live!!

Happy Frisatsu buddy!!


It was in reference to my flagging vehicles, Nick! I have only bought one new vehicle in my life, and I learned that hard way, that they break down too, and it costs a lot more!

Hope your Frisatsu started well too. Mine roared!


You know I will always give you a little banter when it comes to your fleet Jeff, but nothing malicious buddy, just a bit of fun!!

Roared!!! That's what I like to hear!

Mine has "purred" but it's getting late now for me!

A neighbour has just picked up her dog that I have been looking after for the evening (well the last 7 hours) so it's time for me to transfer from the sofa to my bed!!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday portion buddy, looking at the clock I'm well into my Saturday portion here!!


Sleep well, Nick!

I will, and you do the same!


Cheers Jeff! I did indeed my friend!!


Glad to hear that, Nick!


Thanks buddy! Did you get the white stuff in the end???


Nope. Sunny in the mid 40s, and no precip! I could care less about the snow.


A great start to the day then my friend!!


It has been, indeed, Nick!


πŸ‘πŸ‘ Excellent news Jeffrey!!


Hope yours was too!


Good old Tommy Trucker. They come in very useful, these friends.
If you need to rest, just do it. I bet Mel has spread his germs down the phone line.
Lots of colds, tiredness and sniffles over here at the moment.
It will soon be spring and what a difference your photos will make.
I couldn't do 1FR today, too much to catch up on, but its all done now.
Take care jeff.

Thanks, Bux! He is the best. I am just overly tired, but that is self-inflicted! I still tend to get a lot more rest these days!

I was also way late on my condensed Blog post too!

Happy Frisatsu!


Life is life. Be happy.

Thanks, Bux! Every single day that I wake up. I try to be happy! Sometimes it works, and sometimes not!

What what it you said Jeff ... It will work until it doesn't.

Very true, indeed, Bux! Hope your new day is going well!


Some days just feel like you should have stayed in bed! Glad you got all the vital things done.

Today I tried writing a post using the new "Hub" feature. Unexpectedly helpful, but I did find one rather disturbing thing while researching -- will address it soon in a post to Kyle. Nothing major, but interesting...After having tried it (got about 1/3 of my post done) I can see how it can be helpful.

I know what you mean, Fran. I would have loved to stay in bed.

I can't wait to read that post.

Got it finished, and will publish next Wednesday. So interesting that I started with the outline furnished by Hub, and then the post took over and sent me off in a slightly different direction. I do like the way it ended up, though.

I hope to look at that soon, Fran.

Glad you feel it worked out for you.


That would be a tiring day, Jeff! Hopefully all is well with your truck. Kitty looks awfully comfy…she looks like she’s investigating the β€œeyes” looking at her from the left side of the pic lol. Bet you’re ready for a relaxing evening. Have a great one!

Susan 🐢😹🐢

It was, indeed, Susan! All is better with the truck, but there will be some more work done on it soon! Kitty remained quite comfy throughout the day, I am sure!

I had a great evening, and retired early again! Hope you did too!

Now, on to Frisatsu!


That's good to hear, Jeff! I did have a good evening as well.

And here comes....Frisatsu!!

Susan 🐢😹🐢

I am very glad to hear that, Susan!

Have a wonderful Frisatsu evening!

Jeff 🐢😹🐢

Thank you and you too, Jeff!

You're very welcome, Susan, and I certainly will!

Jeff 🐢😹🐢

Sounds like a packed day, Jeff! Despite the hustle, glad to hear you managed to resolve some tasks. Take it easy and recharge for a productive 'Frisatsu's Eve'. Your dedication to keeping us updated is appreciated. Cheers to you, the Blog Dogs, and Kitty!


It was, Erik! I simply do the best that I can!

Thanks for the kind words, and Cheers to you and Gina!


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