Thursday's Trepidation & Toil Turns Totally Terrific!

Last Update: Sep 21, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I felt tired last night and just wanted to relax, so I signed off a lot earlier than usual, and did just that, and was quite relaxed.

When I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed, and got right down to business in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Kitty decided this time around to remain in bed, and I don't blame her. I am jumping through hoops this morning on several tasks since I have to go do a locksmith job this morning, which might take a lot of time.

When I finished the initial foray into the WAC, I went outside, and this time only captured two new images of the new day, including the title image.

We were in the low 60s at this time!

Then I had to go to the locksmith job that I had scheduled with the Realtor yesterday evening!

The drive over there was pleasant. There were 4 locks on three doors that I had to take care of.

I got right down to business when I arrived. It took a little longer than I had expected, but it wasn't too bad.

These were two of the doors. There were also glass ones on the front. Monica called while I was there, and I chatted with her for about 15 minutes.

When finished, I drove about half a mile down the road to their old location and got paid $175 for my trouble --not too bad, and the day was just past noon.

I also got another blog post written in my book promotion site too after I got back!

So far, my goals are slowly, but surely being achieved. I cannot complain.

Earlier, I told Monica I would call her back, and I did, and we talked for almost an hour! It was nice. I hope to chat at her later too!

I have been also gearing up for more writing as fall sets in, so I am excited about that. It is going to be here before we know it. Winter is the season that I sorely wish would simply stay away--that and Summer.

Then I had to go look at another potential locksmith job,

Once that was accomplished, I took advantage and ran some errands nearby!

It was quite nice, since we weren't too hot yet, temperature-wise!

Then, my buddy Kevin called on his way to work at the railroad up in Nebraska! We made 85 degrees when I took these images below. Even though the temps are lower than usual, it felt really hot.

It might be just me though. I know that Fall is on its way, and I am very excited about that.

It was already in the mid 80s, but it did not feel too bad, thankfully.

We shall see how the rest of the day goes.

The rest of my evening will be split between relaxation and productivity, depending upon what else transpires!

There is a possibility that I might catch another locksmith job, but if I don't, I will still be on and off the computer for the rest of the evening until I retire to bed for good.

If I talk to Monica again later, that will be GREAT too, but I am not counting on that!

We shall see though!

I will put the finishing touches on this post, but after that, I will likely still be on the computer for a while in the evening!

There is simply too much going on at all times in Wealthy Affiliate!



Jeff, the Blog Dogs, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Not a bad day at all, Jeff. Glad to hear it.

My uncle and I got the plugs changed. It was a pain. I wish that the engineers who designed vehicles had to work on them so they could figure out better ways of doing things.

I might be back later.


It wasn't, JD!

I'm glad you both got them done, but you are right, engineers try to figure out the worst way to do things because I think they are cowtowing to the dealerships!


Of course, they are. They want to make it where we have to take them in to be worked on. That is why if I ever get the land I want I am going to get a 70s model Ford pickup as a farm/ranch truck. But that might not happen.



Happy FriSatSaub, Jeff.


Good morning, JD! I slept well and woke up to thunderstorms.

Happy Frisatsu!


Good Morning.

Glad you slept well. I did till I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. So I did a couple of things on the computer and am now here trying to work on my website, and when done with that, hopefully, my story "The Trade".

I want to get my website fully going and then I hope to have The Trade finished so I can publish it as an e-book. and have it listed on there. Then I will be working on one of The Trade's sister stories.

Even working on my fourth cup of coffee, I am slowing down.

Have a great day, Jeff.


Keep your eyes on the dream, JD, but you are right, this world gets harder to live in and we are being robbed daily by taxes and fees, only to see much of them heading to illegal Aliens! Very sad!



This has happened twice now I have reported it both times. I am working on my website and try to go from the dashboard to view the site or from the site to the dashboard and (I guess Google) takes me to a warning page that I am heading to a deceptive site. Just venting.

Signing off for a bit. See if I can get a nap in before the folks wake up.


Sounds like a good plan, JD! I hope that works out well for you, my friend!

I have another post to write on my book site too! You might wish to do that, JD! I am a huge coffee drinker in the fall and winter, which is when my heavier writing will occur!

Happy Frisatsu!


Wow! Just gotta love Google's Antics. I heard on the news that an anti-trust suit is coming! We shall see!


Thanks, Jeff. I have info on the first post after I get my site up and running.

Happy FriSatSu!



Sounds really good, JD!

Well done!


That sounds like a supremely profitable day for you, Jeff! Nicely done. Have you got any leaves starting to change yet or is it still all green in your area...resting, relaxing and taking a breather sound like a nice idea. I hope you have an excellent evening!

Susan 🐶😹🐶

Some are starting to change, but likely a couple of weeks before it is more noticeable, Susan! I was glad to make that money!

I will be watching some news, and then will likely head back to bed! Enjoy your evening!


Sounds like a good plan, Jeff! Take it easy.

Susan 🐶😹🐶🐫

I did just that, Susan!🐶😹🐶

👍🏻🐶😹🐶 Happy Frisatsu, Jeff!

So far, so good! Happy Frisatsu!


YES, Jeff!
Very good work and 🤙📱

Enjoy your time.

Slavka 👋

I cannot complain, Slavka! I hope that your day went well too!


It sometimes helps to check out and go into radio silence Jeff. We all need to do it from time to time. And isn't that magic money genie working wonders. Lets hope you have a good run of jobs and use them 2000 keys. Every one is a money maker but they only work if they're in someones front door.
Beautiful day here today. I was hard at work this morning when I had to rescue a damsel in distress and then the day turned even more beautiful. Heck, I thought, I can catch up with work tonight, and I just have. All done in time for FriSatSu.
Nice photos you've posted.
Hope you catch a natter with Monica.
Stay focused my friend, the future can be as bright as you make it.

You are right, Bux! Yes, it is keeping me afloat so far!

I am looking forward t the new keys coming, but sometimes that is a slow process, but the thought was nice, no matter what!

Glad you go your work finished! Have a Fantastic Frisatsu! I might talk to her again once more, but that will likely be it, my friend!

I am happy when I wake up to the next day, so I'll keep going until I don't!


Every day is a bonus Jeff and that message is even more pertinent today. Had a message late last night that my ex-wife has an aggressive cancer and has only a few days to live. Haven't spoken to her for years and she's a thousand miles away.
It sort of makes you realise how fickle a hold on life we have.
You and Monica sort yourselves out before time and life passes you by.
Anyway, this is FriSatSu and lots to do.
Take care my friend, catch you later on. I'll have a beer for you.

I am sorry to hear that, Bux! I would love to sort things out, but it is up to her, I can't come all the way over, we have to meet in the middle! Life is too short!

Enjoy your Frisatsu, and I am planning on enjoying mine too!


Fair comment Jeff. It takes two to meet at the negotiating table.
I intend to relax this weekend, you do the same buddy.

Thanks, Bux!

I will be working when I can, but Frisatsu will also be relaxing for me, as well!


Just back from a relaxing walk around the Palace Gardens, ten minutes walk from my house. Coffee and cakes, nice company, perfect. Catch your blog later.

Sounds like an awesome start, Bux! Well done!


Certainly looks like a terrific Thursday for sure, Jeff…have a great Frisatsu!


Thanks, Mike! Hope yours was too! Happy Frisatsu!


Yes it was, and here is to a great Frisatsu! 🥂 🍻


For the both of us, Mike! We are having some heavy T-Storms here right now, but, just what the Doctor ordered!

Happy Frisatsu!



Happy Frisatsu, Mike!


Great news on the quick 175 bucks by noon Jeffrey!

What a great start to the day!

Mid 80's is a little higher than we got up to here this afternoon, then a thunderstorm rolled through and now it is bliss!

OWS seems to have finally gone into hibernation at last!!

I hope you catch another job before your day is done and enjoy a wonderful start to the upcoming Frisatsu my friend!


You’ve got me with those acronyms again Nick.
What is an OWS.
Yes, that $175 will do Jeff good. Lets hope the trend continues.
How are you, back on the treadmill again. Soon be Xmas and a long break for you.
Look after yourself.

Hey Bux! You need to keep on top of these acronyms!

OMW (Old Man Winter) will be arriving shortly (and not before time as far as I'm concerned) I have definitely had enough of the heat that OWS (Old Women Summer) has scorched us with here yet again these last few months!!

The weather has been very agreeable since Monday though, so I hope she is in hibernation for the winter now!!

I sincerely hope that the trend continues for our buddy over the pond as well...

I was actually back on the treadmill today for the first time in a long while..

Let's see how the body feels about it tomorrow!!

Take care yourself buddy and enjoy a wonderful start to your Frisatsu!!


I’m too slow at these things Nick. Yes, I’m doing my best to stay upright. Enjoying each day.
And with clear decks I can relax over FriSatSu.

It's all part of the never ending learning process we call life Bux!!

Keep enjoying each and every day my friend and get as much relaxation in as you can ok!!

I am hoping for some more rain too, Nick!

Don't speak too soon. OWS could be back with a vengeance!


Same here, Bux!

I certainly will. Started the day with a short walk, wonderful. Time for a coffee and a read of a novel. I don't understand any of it but I can't put it down either.
Toodle pip.

I hope you get your rain Jeff, we had another fantastic thunderstorm rip through this afternoon and we must only be around mid 50's about now!!

The forecast says things could heat up a bit again next week, but nothing like the extreme heat we have had though!

Have a fantastic start to Frisatsu my friend!


Sounds like a great start to the day Bux!

Interesting novel then... what is it called??

Have a wonderful start to your Frisatsu my friend!


Mortmain Hall by Martin Edwards, set in the 1930s. Its a murder mystery but I just can’t follow the story, perhaps that is the mystery. Only 50 pages to go and it still makes no sense. But I can’t stop reading it either.

Can't say I am familiar with this one Bux, maybe by the last page it will all click though my friend and you will reflect on it as one of the best reads ever!!

I'm hoping so Nick. I'm inside the last 20 pages and its just, but only just, starting to reveal things. I think it is intentionally convoluted and mysterious as there are 5 pages of "Clue finders" at the end. But I don't want to spoil the story so saving them for last. Its a good 'un.
It's a library book, otherwise I would have posted it to you with pleasure.
Hope the thunder storms in France have passed over now. Stay lucky.

Certainly sounds like a cliffhanger Bux, make sure to have some herbal tea ready for the climax (or something stronger)!!

We had another great thunderstorm rip through this afternoon actually and I love them personally, anything to keep the temperatures down is fine in my book!!

Now I am just looking at some interesting cloud formations outside!

Take care buddy!

I can remember sitting in the garden in Much Wenlock, in a rain storm, many years ago. It had been hot and clammy for days and to sit in natures own shower was fantastic.

I certainly love doing that as well Bux!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Great post, Jeff! It is almost Friday Eve thank goodness! 😅

Have a great evening ahead!

Myra 💜

Thanks, Myra! I am truly excited for another Frisatsu!

Enjoy your evening too!


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