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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After a Great conversation with Monica, some more tax work, and then news feeds, I was really ready for a decent sleep, and fortunately, that was what I was able to achieve.

True to form this morning, I got up, performed some tasks and then re-entered into the office for morning news and jumping into the morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community

Kitty didn't bother coming in for the morning ritual at that time. I know that I will see her later though.

Since I got that accomplished earlier than I thought I would, I decided to head outside and capture images of the new day.

Since I was still outside, I decided to go to the bank with a couple of checks that I had to deposit.

That seemed to go well too.

After that on the way back to the house, I was hankering for McDonald's. I should have know better--another restaurant wiped out in good pricing from rampant inflation in our country.

I still managed to come home with something for less that $4, though (2 for 1). Still saved one for lunch too.

When back at the computer, I took the time to pay the bulk of the remaining bills for this month too. With that finished, I will be finalizing my tax returns for mailing out on Monday.

Then I went in the bedroom, and that is when I saw Kitty!

I also decided to venture back out into town to try to get copies of my Blank Schedule C forms, and I was able to get a couple for free, but they were reduced in size, so we'll see how that works out. It is simply going to have to!

Before I left, I captured another couple of images of the slowly developing day!

It was not too long before I returned for a little relaxation during the current Frisatsu!

Then it will be back to putting some finishing touches on the tax returns. The Federal return is my primary focus, but I will also get the Kansas Tax return filed, as well, if all goes according to plan. So far, it seems that will also occur, as well.

I think that our weather is in the low 80s outside according to the weather report, so I might go outside for a quick break to enjoy some of that weather too. I am definitely not disappointed with how the day has gone thus far though. I did manage to wake up to another day, so that was quite a positive development too.

When I did go back outside, I captured another Couple of images of what seems to be a beautiful day. Right now the heat is not bothering me too much either. Later, it might, but not right now!

When I ventured back inside, it was not too long before my Mother called me, so I got a nice 30 minute conversation with her too, which was GREAT!

The post will drop in a little while, but I am still working on the taxes too! I cannot wait for this part of the month to finally be over with, especially after all of the crazy and completely unnecessary inflation that we have all had to deal with these past few years!

When it does drop, I will definitely still be on the computer in one way or another for quite some time!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


The prices have certainly gone up at McD's as everywhere else, deals to be had about anywhere anymore. Such a cute pic of Kitty! She's got the right idea. Sounds like you had a good day...I'm late to your post, but enjoy the rest of your evening.

Susan 🐢😹🐢

Yes, indeed, Susan! This is what the world has come to, sadly!

Kitty has been a big help for sure!

I enjoyed the rest of the evening, and slept well, but now I am simply knocking a few things out before going to mail the taxes.

I hopefully won't have to deal with anything else there for a while--we shall see though! Hope you had a Great evening too!

Jeff 🐢😹🐢

I know what you mean, Jeff. Hope your day goes smoothly and this is out of the way for you. But you never know what curve ball is coming! Have a Great day! 🐢😹🐢

I have mailed them out, Susan! I deal with whatever comes my way later. I'm definitely not worried about it right now though!


Hope you have a Great new day!

Jeff 🐢😹🐢

Hello Jeff

It is in the 70s here with some wind at times, I drove my mom to the dollar store so she could stock up on some items. She seems to be in a better mood once she does a little shopping, she just loves the dollar stores.

I hope you got your taxes done today


Haha! The taxes are as done as they will be, Jeff! At this point, I don't care!


Sounds like a very satisfying Saturday portion Jeff!

We just about hit 90 here today and I had to get out my balcony pool for the PP!!

Enjoy a relaxing rest of your Sunday my friend!!


It was, indeed, Nick! We are at 82 degrees right now, but it is much cooler in the house as I continue to finish up the taxes!

Not relaxing, but necessary!


We've cooled down to about 80 here now but it is nearly 9pm!!

The forecast for the next few days looks much though...

Get those taxes done and then relax my friend!!


I'll just mail off whatever crap I have, Nick!


Sounds like the best course of action to me Jeff!!


You bet, Nick!

Very confusing and over loaded, and our country is entirely bankrupt already anyway!

What's the worst that happen Jeff??

Forget about them and live life to the fullest my friend!!


Got it done, Nick! No worries!

Enjoy the start to the new week!


Great going buddy and I am indeed!

After the way too hot weather from yesterday we dropped about 20 degrees today and tomorrow will be even cooler!!!!


But... from Thursday, it looks like we will have to spend some time at the lair... so not really looking forward to that...


Wow, Nick Good news and then bad! That is how our lives tend to progress!


They are indeed Jeff!!


Yes, indeed!


Looks like we will be heading over to Switzerland on Friday now Jeff.... one less day to endure!!


Enjoy the trip. Nick! Take care!

Hang in there!


Always my friend!!


Cheers, Nick!


Cheers Jeff!!


Does the dollar menu still exist, Jeff? I don't think I've seen it in years at McDonald's.

Although I do my taxes online, I do remember as a kid going into my local public library with my Dad around tax season and they would have a table with various forms for people to pick up for free, like 1099 and others.

Nice weather you're having, Jeff. Have a great Sunday! 😎 🐢😹🐢

Isaiah πŸ™‚

I'm not too sure, Isaiah! Fast food restaurants have been hammered hard by Bidenflation, so I seriously doubt it.

Those days are long gone, you have to pull teeth to find tax forms. If the Government wants their money those forms should be easily available otherwise--OH WELL!

Sunday is as relaxing as it can be as I am piecing my State and Federal Tax returns together to get them mailed tomorrow!

Happy Sunday! 🌞🐢😹🐢

What are ""Sausage Biscuits"", Jeff.

Sign of the times all these cafes and burger bars falling over. Just the same in the UK.
Two cafes shut here last week. On was the best place to get a fried breakfast on a Sunday and was really popular with bikers out for a Sunday pedal. Sadly, not enough to save them, when the owners had to put their own money in every week to pay the wages ... well, its not good is it.
How is mother.

If the question about sausage biscuit was serious, and I assume it is, you in the UK might call it a sausage scone. After watching thousands of hours of British tv I've come to learn a few things about the idiosyncrasies of the British language compared to how we talk in Arkansas and the rest of the U.S. Also, the sausage indicated is not blood sausage, at least not at McDonalds. It's plain 'ole mild pork sausage.
Anyway, hope you have a great Sunday.

Thanks Dan, totally serious. We don't have them over here.
Am I to assume its sausage burger in a bun. If it is, it sounds tasty.
Idiosyncrasies ... British language ... We invented it. You lot messed about with the spelling.
Hope you have a great Sunday Dan, and thanks for the info.

A sausage patty inside a biscuit, Bux.

Mom is thinking she is fine, but she has no clue of what is going on in the world at large.

Going out to eat is rapidly deteriorating, I must say. A sign of the horrible economic times, especially in the US where we have a wide open border, which has made this a dangerous place to live.


Nicely done, Dan!


They are okay, Bux! I liked the sausage McGriddles better--which were essentially sausage inside two "pancake" buns! Those went up to $8 for two--No Thanks.

I’m sorry about that Jeff. How far are you from the border, or does that make no difference.
I’ve been treated to coffee and cake at the Cathedral cafe today. Very pleasant.
Enjoy your Sunday, we’re burning a path to Monday on this side of the pond.
Take care.

I am 24 miles from the Geographic center of the continental US, Bux!

Sounds like you are having an excellent day, and by tomorrow, I should have my taxes mailed off.

I'm sure we will chat later!


We will definitely e-chat later my friend.
24 miles is nothing on your piece of rock.
The tree photos show everything greening up nicely.

Yes, Spring is definitely here, Bux!


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