Monday's Mustering Motivation Meant More MAGIC!

Last Update: Sep 25, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Most of you know I was tired yesterday, and a lot of it had to do with some serious congestion. I rested and relaxed, and feel like I got some good enough sleep to tackle this new week today! At least, I Hope so! I know I am breathing a bit better too.

I jumped on the computer and slowly muscled through the Wealthy Affiliate Community, a lot slower than usual.

Kitty was still lounging in the bedroom. She likely wasn't feeling too good either.

I am also getting some more bills ready to pay--a never-ending saga, sadly. Nevertheless, it is one of the tasks today. I will get that accomplished by this afternoon.

When I finally finished these tasks, it was time to venture outside and capture a few images of this Magnificent Monday morning, including the title image!

It was only in the low to mid 60s at the time.

It was beautiful, but I believe that all week we will at least make it into the low 80s.

The day seems to be turning out good, although no locksmith work as of yet, but I am still staying busy writing on the book promotion website.

I cannot complain about the new day since I feel better today!

When I finished, then it was time to go back inside and get some more tasks done, as well as writing another post for my book promotion website too. I labored on that for about 30-45 minutes, and then got it done.

I was very glad to have gotten it completed. This was another checkmark on the task list for today!

Weirdly after talking to Monica earlier last night and she said she'd call back. I never heard from her again, and already , well into the afternoon today, I haven't heard from her either.

I'm sure she is alright, it is just kind of strange. Since Monica is working till 8:30 pm this evening, I will be heading over to the house to pick up Samantha and take her to the Police Department for a special training program she will be doing over the next few weeks on Monday nights for about 2 hours (Monica will pick her up when she gets off work each of those nights.)

Then I got a bogus bill ready for the city (pertaining to my warehouse complex), and decided to make a small payment on it.

I won't go into details, but this is what a corrupt city does to its citizenry. I am quite sure that many of you might be able to relate!

The drive over there was nice, since the weather of the day was nice!

Since I wasn't paying the whole amount, I had to wait around in there while the new person figured out what to do. This was not my first rodeo by any stretch of the imagination.

When that was finally ironed out, as I already knew that it would be, I snapped an image of the Municipal building as I departed!

I also ran a quick errand on the way back, and then settled back onto the computer to continue some more work there! "No Rest For The Wicked", as they say!

Then, I'll get this post published when I am satisfied with it.

There are always tasks here that need doing, and I will be working on those until it is time to go pick up Samantha for her Police gig.

Later on, depending on what else transpires, I might be back on the computer later too! We shall see. Monica ended up calling me and we talked for about 20 minutes. I now have to go get Samantha from school since she missed the bus, which kind of craps out my planned schedule.

This post will now be published much later than planned.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Happy to hear that you were feeling a bit better Jeff!

Sounds like you had a busy start to the week though and our temperatures will be very similar to yours here for the rest of the week!

Take care of yourself buddy and enjoy the rest of your HUMP day eve!!


It has been a relaxing, but task-busy Hump Day's Eve! Hope yours went well too, Nick!


Great news my friend and no major complaints here apart from putting my back out again, these strong as hell painkillers are knocking me out!!!


Take care and get some rest, Nick! That is noting to fool around with!


Thanks buddy, I have been trying to and will continue to do so!

This is why I haven't been FR for a while!

Feeling slightly better today, but need to get off these morphine based meds!!


Take care and keep getting better!


Cheers Pal! I'm off to get a rare mid-week kebab now!!


With aching back, and perhaps crutches, he hobbles on in search of meat!


Aching back definitely, but no crutches yet!!

And I even managed to drag the PP along for her evening business trip as well!!

Must be the meds!!


Don't overdo it, Nick!


I'll try not to my friend!!!

Tomorrow morning we will see!!



Well I managed to wake up and successfully navigate the day my friend!


Well, every day that we wake up North of the Soil is a big winner, Nick!


It is indeed Jeff, but I would absolutely hate to wake up South of the soil though!!


We all will at some point, Nick, so don't fret it!


I have absolutely no problem with BEING South of the soil Jeff...

It's the thought of actually waking up again whilst there that disturbs me!!




Hey Jeff, it sounds like a busy day; congrats on finishing the book. It got into the 90s here today and has been in the 80s.

Speaking of corruption, I think it is becoming the norm with our fearless leaders.

Well, I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow!


No, Chet, got the Book promotion post for the day accomplished, but the book won't even be started until late fall, and if all goes well, it will be completed by winter's end.

You are right, corruption abounds all around us!

Happy Tuesday!


My bad good luck with the book moving forward.

No worries, Chet, and thank you, my friend! I hope your weather is more favorable today!


Now that’s a busy day, Jeff! I’m tired just reading about your flurry of activity.

Glad you’re feeling better. I wonder what Samantha is up to now. She is a going concern from the sounds of it. Good luck with her program. I hope you have a great evening. Rest up from paying all those bills.

Susan πŸΆπŸ˜ΉπŸΆπŸ’°

I ended up attending the program with her for her first time, so there was no rest--at least not yet!

Jeff 🐢😹🐢


Susan 🐢😹🐢

I'll post about it in today's post. Was too tired last night.


You okay......Samantha will have to get a used car eventually......mei'm off this week to get some rest......I'm on vacation......I brought in some cans and bottles or else I don't have time. ......will be doing some cleaning and clearing........will go in work for 3 hours about tomorrow morning since we get roasted chicken mash potatoes and creamy cle slaw... when we do well at work......the VP does a surprise thing and he wanted us to have forlunch combo chicken..... nice....he forgot I was on vacation.....yummy yummy take care..........

That is up to her mother and her, Antonietta!

Glad you got a good meal while on vacation too! Well done! Take care!

Hi Jeff, I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling the best. I am glad that you are feeling somewhat better.

I am glad to hear Monica is doing good.

As always the images are awesome. It has been raining since Friday with downpours. We are safe in our new apartment.


Thanks, Mary! A lot of things going on.

Glad you are getting some rain and that your new apartment worked out!


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