Magnificent MONICA Monday Meanderings, Manuscript Manufacture & More Moil!

Last Update: Jun 5, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I woke up a little tired, but, as usual I got right down to work in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Kitty was nowhere to be found at that time, but she sometimes hides under the bed. No matter, I had to get some things done.

It wasn't long before Monica called me.

We talked for an hour and a half, and while we were talking, I ventured outside and took some images of the new day, including the title image.

It was shaping up to be a nice day, but there is the possibility of rain later.

She came to pick me up so I could run some errands within a half hour after we got off the phone. She has been a huge help to me in recent weeks.

I was very glad to see her.

Then we went on the errands. The day was quite nice.

You couldn't ask for better weather.

When we were finished, I rewarded her with a trip to Sonic for a Sonic Blast.

Shortly after that she dropped me back home. Samantha has an eye appointment, and then they will likely do some things in Manhattan for a while before they return home.

I got right back down to business, but it wasn't long before I had to become the Road Warrior again to go do a paying job.

I was able to get there and get it done with no issues, thankfully. The lock was keeping keys captive which required me to remove it and tighten the back screws and lube everything.

Then I drove right around the corner and got paid.

I don't expect my DL issue to be resolved today, but I will talk to the ex-wife later on today to see if she has done what she said she was going to do.

Now that I am back at the eBay house, I am putting the finishing touches on this post.

I plan to continue writing in Kindle Vella Story #2 Episode #7. If all goes well, it will be completed tonight and likely be published tomorrow.

I am also researching a couple of other things in KDP, as well. This will likely eat up the rest of the afternoon, as far as Wealthy Affiliate research goes, since I still have other tasks outdoors to take care of today too!

Here was another image of Blog Dog Shadow to leave you with! He is still researching some more things to write about. Who knows? It could be AI Shadow as far as I know.

Kitty decided to remain in bed. I found her later. So all was good there too. She has been roaming around the house since then.

I'll be back on the computer later in the evening in the WAC!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Sounds like a busy but productive day Jeff!

Always good to hear about the paying jobs my friend (I just had to check what day it is)!!

So have a fantastic HUMP day eve!


It was, indeed, Nick!

I like when the week starts out this way! Hope yours was good too!


Excellent news Jeff!

May week started off pretty well too, but.... every day is the same here!!!

We have some Brazilian friends driving up from Portugal to stay with us for a few days later, so I might be out of the loop for a bit with the extra poolside barbies and entertaining my friend!!


Enjoy the poolside Barbies, Nick!


They are going pretty well so far my friend!


Glad to hear that, Nick!


Thanks my friend! After a 4am finish last night we are all going to take it easy tonight on the barbies!!


Wow, I suppose so, Nick!


It has to be done sometimes my friend but back in the swing of things now!!


I'm very glad to hear that, Nick!

Happy Frisatsu!


Happy Frisatsu buddy!


So far, so good, Nick! Hope yours is too!


Oh I love Shadow! He is so handsome and huggable!

Your KV #2 Ep 7 is now about to be finished? Do you ever sleep Jeffoi! No wonder you are always tired!

Yeay for Monica being your biggest support!
You should get a stock in Sonic, being that you are their biggest supporter!

It looks cloudy today! I bet it’s going to rain!

Have a great Tuesday Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

I love him too, Marioi!

Yes, it should be finished today and likely published if all goes well.

I am glad Monica is helping me--without her, I am not sure what I would do. Sonic has a lot of customers that go there daily, we don't.

We are sunny right now, but rain is never out of the question.

Happy Tuesday!


Morning Jeff.

I'm pleased you got the lock job - every little helps as they say in the UK. As for Kitty???? What can I say? My threat to take her to court hasn't worked. What a great life a cat has - sleep and eat - rinse and repeat.

The weather looked nice your way. It's cold here today in the UK - I fear it's going to rain.

Need my coffee. Laters Jeff,


Good Day, Paul!

I agree, I should be a cat!

We did have some nice weather mixed with a little rain in the evening!

Happy Tuesday!


Hi Jeff.

You look great as a cat. I'm not sure how Monica would like it if you looked that all the time. Still, it puts a different spin on things and I doubt many women have been out with men with that sort of look. It's certainly different and could be worth trying.

Hmmmmmm - maybe that's not one of my better suggestions! Who knows?????????


I should hook up with Catwoman from Batman fame, Paul! 😹


I can't wait till they fix your license problem.......Shadow 's cute.......I was tired today too and took my time.....I took my week off to rest and celebrate my birthday as birthday is in May but this week worked out for everything good with guys enjoyed a Sonic blast.........yum yum.......take care..........

Me neither, Antonietta! Shdow is cute! Belated Happy Birthday! 🎂 Take care, my friend!

Yes, under the bed...that's many animals favorite hiding place. Mocha also stashes many toys there. Sometimes he plays with them exuberantly under there after I go to bed.

Nice picture of Monica. Glad you two are spending quite a bit of time together.

Going to utilize Diane Scorpio's idea and do a mini-niche on the cat website on the topic of cat nutrition. Then I can do a series of posts on the same subject. Chat GPT has come in handy, as it's given me lots of sub-topics on the subject. I won't use Chat GPT to do my research, but will do it with my regular method, and write the whole thing in my own words. Feels safer.

That seems to be the hiding place of choice, Fran.😹

Thanks, Fran. I am glad too. She is my best friend--I still don't think that I am hers though.

I hope the sub-niche works well, my friend.


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