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Last Update: Sep 22, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I signed off quite early last night, then relaxed, watched some TV, and fell into a deep and refreshing sleep, waking up around 5:45 am to get the day started amidst a howling thunderstorm outside.

Fortunately, we still had power.

I jumped into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get this start to a new Frisatsu off on the right track.

That is how I roll every day!

Even Kitty peeked in for a brief moment too. Her presence is always appreciated. I was still working in the initial foray into the WAC, when Monica called me.

It was still very early, and she let me go after about 20-30 minutes! She still had to get ready for work.

The journey lasted for about another hour, and by then, it seemed that the rain had somewhat subsided, so I took my chance to head outside and capture some images of the new start to another Frisatsu, including the title image.

We were in the high 50s at the time. It had started raining again, hence the blurriness of the image.

The day had started off quite well, I must admit. The rain kept stopping and starting intermittently throughout the morning.

We are supposed to be clearing off this afternoon. That remains to be seen though.

Going back inside the eBay house, I decided to lock into my book promotion website and crank out another blog post.

I had developed an idea for it while I had been outside. I think that brings me up to 118 posts on the site now.

I might even do another one later if time permits.

The rain has been very good for indoor productivity.

I always get more done inside when it rains. It is especially good for more writing too!

When I stepped back outside again for a few minutes, the sun had started making a minor breakthrough in the clouds.

It was nice, but didn't last for too long. It might come back out later this afternoon though.

The tasks that I set out kept getting done, and after that I was going to take a short nap, but then my buddy, Kevin called earlier than usual, so I talked to him for well over an hour.

Monica called while I was on hold with him while since he had to unlock a car. but, of course, she had to take another call, so that was that.

Then Kevin came back on the phone and we talked some more.

After working some more on the computer, I went back outside to see if the weather was more favorable.

It was only in the low 80s at the time, so I was not complaining about that, since the sun had come out again!

The problem is that I knew it wouldn't stay long.

There was an accidental image on my phone when I was capturing those two, but I decided to keep it so everyone could see my ugly mug! Haha! I look a bit bewildered!

A short time later, I went outside to clean off the front seat of the truck since I will drop Samantha off at the skating rink at two pm, and will pick her back up when she is ready to go back home. She had texted me the other day about that.

At that time, what do you know? The Clouds had returned. I'm not surprised though. They never really went away.

I was also running a bit behind since I had laid down and taken a short cat nap with Kitty--that was the one that Kevin had interrupted earlier.

My Son Jack also called too, and he and I were on the phone as I posted this a bit late.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff

On the contrary, that’s a good selfie! 😎

Looks like we’re both in the same rain and thunder situation. I hope the weather has cleared up for you a little today.

We keep loosing power, so the generator is getting a good workout. Lol

Rock On & Stay Dry! 🀘
Frank 🎸

Thanks, Frank! The Sun did come out!

No power issues here, my friend!

Rock on!


Good deal, Jeff! πŸ‘

I’m still dry and that’s all that counts! Lol 🀣

Frank 🀘🎸

You bet that it is, Frank!

Hope your Saturday went well!


Sounds like a pretty decent start to Frisatsu Jeffrey and I do love it when a nice storm comes ripping through!

Great going on the writing again and an interesting selfie there!!

Have a superb Saturday portion my friend!


It wasn't bad at all! There will be lots of activities today too!

It was accidental, but I kept it anyway.

Enjoy your Saturday portion!


Just don't overdo things on a Saturday Jeff and get a quick nap in if you can buddy!!


Oh, I will. I have to ferry Samantha around to a couple of places today, since her mother is at work!


Good on you Jeff, but.. I'm sure you can fit a nap in there somewhere my friend!!


I always will, Nick!


Lucky you!!!


We make our own luck, Nick!


I can't disagree with you there my friend!

But.... you seem to be luckier than I am right now Jeff!!

Long may it continue buddy!!


I just go day by day, Nick!


As do I (mostly) my friend!!


The only way to go, Nick!


Absolutely my friend!


Cheers! 😎🍺



Thanks for sharing the amazing pockets of your amazing life, Jeff.
By the way skaters are trending on Facebook and TikTok. Kitty is hanging in there, bless her heart. She's filling in for the boys.

According to statistics, the stubble beard style is considered by women to be the most attractive of them all. Goatees became fashionable for men in 2010 and have remained popular ever since.

Have a wonderful Frisatsu!
p,s. Nice circle beard * Goatee

I must admit that it was a good day, indeed, Rachele!

Yes, as for as the trivia is concerned, I am letting my beard grow out for the impending winter!

Enjoy your Frisatsu too!





Rain and writing are a great combo for me too. I loved Lake Atitlan in the monsoon, the clouds came right down, like they were giving you a hug. The rain was so heavy there were no boats and no traffic. Perfect conditions to write uninterrupted for five or six hours

That sounds sublime, Catherine! Perfect writing weather, indeed!


It was a perfect experience. looking forward to writing today

I will do a little writing later today too! Got a lot of extracurricular activities going on this afternoon!

You wake up early. Pre-cancer, I used to wake early too, around 4am every day. These days I wake up almost every hour and then fall back to sleep. Finally awake around 6.30 am to 7 am. Hope to eventually be able to sleep through the night peacefully and wake early too.

Good topic on your blog. I agree with it. But, only one consideration - when decide to publish on a platform, e.g. Amazon KDP, wouldn't it be additional work to edit the written manuscript to match the required layout of the platform?


In all fairness, Tim, I signed off early and relaxed a few hours watching movies before I fell asleep!

Not really, before I created a couple of books with their Free Kindle Create, I had written my entire 1st Bermuda's Secret Series using Regular word processor documentation, my friend!


Oic. Thanks Jeff πŸ™


You're very welcome, Tim!


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