Finally FINALLY Fabulous & Fantastic Friday Frisatsu!

Last Update: Jun 9, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

First of all, I saw Monica last night. She ran me on a couple of errands, so that was quite nice of her to do.

She would be out of the loop for the rest of the day, so I was glad to get to see her.

I went to bed a bit earlier last night, and about midnight, Monica called, and I chatted with her for about 20 minutes. I wouldn't get to talk to her first thing this morning because she had to be at work at 6 am.

I ended up waking up at about 6:30 this morning, and started the morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Kitty elected to stay in bed this morning, which was just fine with me since I woke up earlier than usual.

When I got the morning WAC foray accomplished, I took a power nap.

I was awakened by a house unlock job down the street from my house, so that was a good thing, since I didn't have to be the road warrior for very long. I got tipped too, which made things even better.

The title image of Rocky and a friend along with the next couple of images were captured when I got back from that job.

We were in the high 70s at the time.

I'm certain we will make it into the mid to high 80s before the day is through. While I was still sitting at the guzzle table taking a break Monica called me the second time from work, this time on her lunch break.

That was very nice, and if she is up to it when she gets off her 10-hour shift, I will treat her to a Sonic blast, and maybe more.

When I went back inside, I jumped back on the computer and began some more final editing on Kindle Vella Story #2 Episode #7.

If all goes well, then it will be published tonight, and I will write--at long last--another post on my book promotion website. This will be the extent of the Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

The day has been very good so far, I must admit, and for that, I am grateful! What a good way to ring in another Frisatsu! I hope it stays this way for a few more hours.

I just need to make it to the 12th of June when the adjuster from the case comes back from vacation. Then, maybe, just maybe, my driver's license might be reinstated in time for me to renew it on the 28th of June. Time will tell.

More writing is planned for this evening, and I will likely be on the phone with my mother too at some point. My younger sister (18 years younger) seems to be calling the shots on what will be happening to her. I don't like it, but I cannot help my mother financially since these last few years, I have made much less than her.

Of course, my sister (half-sister, actually) got a couple of $million inheritances from her father's side of the family too. She also has the newest grand babies that my mother wishes to desperately see, but they live in Alaska. There are many complications with this entire situation!

I'll keep everyone informed if something else happens that is exciting the rest of this evening.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Not a bad start to the latest Frisatsu Jeffrey!

Happy to hear about the paying work and I hope your Mother gets her situation sorted out soon.....

Have a great and relaxing Saturday portion my friend!


It wasn't a bad start! I hope my mother gets situated where she wishes to be too!

Since it has been stormy today, that is exactly what I am doing, relaxing all the way!

Enjoy your Saturday portion too!


Nice going Jeff! My Saturday portion wasn't as relaxing as I would have liked but I got through it my friend!


I'm sorry to hear that, Nick, but you did get through it!

Here's to a better Sunday! 😎🍺🐢🐫🐫🐢πŸͺ😹

That's all we can do my friend!

Have a fantastic start to the new week!


Yes, sadly, that is all that any of us can do, my friend!

You have a fantastic start to the new week too!


Thank God for the weekend! Hahaha, super fun Saturday now. My only day off, day to clean my mess in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, gosh I need to hire a maid!!! This cleaning stuff sucks and takes me away from creating. But I also hate a dirty house, even one on wheels.

I work harder on my day off than I do at work it seems.

But here is pic of what some of my hard work at home creates.....

Enjoy Jeffery,


I love every Frisatsu because of this, but it would need an army of maids to clean the eBay house! I barely manage to survive there.

I manage to get something or things productive done each day in there though!

I remember the posts when you built that thing, and it is incredibly awesome, Dave!

Enjoy every last minute of this Frisatsu!


No matter how we try to simplify, life gets complicated, doesn't it?

My car quit again. When I turn the key it does nothing! I don't think it's the battery this time, but trying to get someone to look at it in this town is not easy. The mechanic I usually use is having serious health issues, and so far the other one has not returned my call. Thus I must be dependent on friends to get places. Drat!

You are so right about that, Fran.

At least you have friends that can help. I hope you get some assistance soon, my friend.


Kitty Baby is so cute and she loves you dearly, that alone is assistance. Very nice picture & her beautiful soul is shining
Looks like your day is going well, your persistence in the book is coming together. I'm praying πŸ™πŸŒΊπŸ™ for the driver's license working out in time for you and that you have favor in ALL of these things, including jobs and visits with Monica.
Bless you, Jeff, you are a good person indeed;

Thank you, Suzay! I am also contantly praying for you too, my friend! I hope that you are getting much better, my friend!


I knew it was serious Jeff when I saw TWO Finallys' in the title!

Good to see that you're making tremendous progress on your book, Jeff! Keep it up!

Perhaps if Rocky keeps showing up more often, you may consider a 'temp' position on the team for him alongside Kitty, Humphrey and the Blog Dogs?

Hope you have a great FriSatSu! 😎🐢😹🐢πŸͺ🐿️

Isaiah 😊

Yes, Isaiah, it was, indeed!

I am happy with the book work, but there are still a lot of things that I need to take care of!

I might use Rocky for that--good idea!

Enjoy your Frisatsu, my friend! 🐢😹🐢😎


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