Happy Monday! Everyone! My Beloved WA Family, I am Back!

Last Update: Jul 5, 2021


Happy Monday! Everyone! My Beloved WA Family, I am Back!


How are you guys! I hope everyone is OK, healthy, happy, and most of all, your online business is going great and OK too. Mine, I have to catch up soon! I'm sorry it takes longer to come back; now I am here and be with you again! :-).

Yes, guys, I was so busy arranging things and preparing for the event. I thank God for everything, and It was going smoothly and successfully. Plus, a day before the wedding, we stayed overnight at the hotel near the church on June 23! To avoid hustles and delays.

All efforts, all complexity works, sleepless nights are paying off. Because it was a wonderful day, everyone was happy, friends, family, and other guests.

At the same time, we were cautious of ourselves as we have still had a pandemic covid19 problems around. So we advised to wearing a face mask and face shield inside the church and at the wedding reception.

To our new couple, we are so glad to add a new member to our family. Thank you very much for bringing happiness to our hearts. It's a new life and new journey that you both have vowed to continue together. May God bless you and guide you in the right way! Congratulations!

To my beloved WA family, As I said, I love to share with you all this wedding event. Here are some of the pictures of my Son's wedding. I hope you will like them too.

Mike and Ley!

You're both united in a promise to help be tender and give and take for each other.

And I hope, may you both be able to keep that!

Enjoy your married life together, my little boy. I have seen you're taking your first step, and today I have seen you standing at the end of the aisle.

Happy wedding day Anak, Mike, and Ley!

I'm just here for both of you and love you, my Son and Daughter-in-law.

After the wedding ceremony, and signing of their marriage contract.

At the wedding reception.

That's all my friends and family. I feel better now, and we finished this vital part of his life. I hope you like these images, my friends. I am happy to be back!

Here is the highlight video of the event: https://fb.watch/6xDPhuFGl8/

Would you mind watching it if you have more time? Thank you so much in advance :-).

After the wedding, on June 25, we have a part 2 celebration at home. We have friends and family unable to attend because of covid19 restrictions; limited people allowed the church and the wedding reception.

And part 3, June 27, wedding celebration was held at the bride's place, the same; she has friends and relatives waiting and congratulating them there. I'm glad that all are going successfully for both sides.

Thank you so much for your precious time, and I hope you have forgiven me for being offline for a little longer, my beloved WA family.

I miss you, and I love you all!




Until now, I can't imagine my little boy is now married :-) :-) :-).


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Recent Comments


Ohhh you back! With two open arms and legs to welcome you Joyce 😜 miz you so much!

I enjoy the pictures and you are right am not here for few days !

I will watch the YouTube soon

Sooo glad you are back with us


Thank you so much, friend Joce!

I come back, my friend, and try my best to be here. Still many things to do and a bit of rest.

Yes, please try to watch it the video friend Joce, only the highlight, and that's available now, my friend.

Thank you and best wishes,


Congratz Joyce , you did awesome job!

Happy joining two family into one!


There you are my great friend Joyce! Welcome back!

You have certainly been busy during the last few weeks, but obviously it was all worth it.

The photos from the wedding look absolutely spectacular, I am sure that everyone had a fantastic day.

You must be so happy and proud for your son as he takes this next in life.

Please send him and his new wife all my congratulations, ok!

You have been sorely missed here my friend, it's great to have you back!

Have a great night Joyce and speak to you soon!:-):-):-)

Hello friend, Nick!

Yes, here I am now; my friend tries to come back; it's been a long time already, although I still need to take more rest. Thanks to that you like those photos, my friend, try to watch the video if you have a free time, my dear friend Nick, only a highlight, I can't wait for the complete one. I am happy enough for what I have.

Yes, my friend, I am happy and proud of both of them. Now they are here at home and starting a new life, while they are saving again for their next steps to build their own home; it's ok with me that they are here, and I can be with them and see them every day. They are both working from home anyway.

Thank you so much for all the congratulations and wishes for their wedding friend, Nick!

And yes, I am back! But not yet fully...so, see you around my BFF.
See you later tonight,

I hope your vacation is going great too. Talk to you again soon.

Take care and best wishes,

Joyce :-) :-) :-)

The photos and video were both great my friend!

A wonderful time was had by all!

I'm so happy for you that they are staying with you as they plan their next steps in life.

Get some much needed rest my friend Joyce, and soon you will be feeling 110% ready to return!

Sleep well and stay blessed, happy and smiley as always!!:-):-):-)

Thank you so much for the wonderful messages, my best friend, Nick!

Yes, good night, for now, my friend, and see you sometimes at the platform.

I hope you're ok too. Take care always and have a good rest and good sleep. Enjoy your vacay! Don't forget to smile and be happy.

More blessings!

Joyce:-) :-) :-)

I always smile and am happy most of the time my friend! This you know by now!

The Tuesday football festivities have just finished for the day, a quick night cap is needed, then prepare for what tomorrow has in stall for us!

Get your much needed rest, and sleep well my friend Joyce!

Tomorrow is another day!


Wow! I really felt your good strength, positivity, and always alive, my friend, Nick! That is my friend, and I am proud of you. Don't worry, and I'll do the same. :-).

Sorry for me at this time; many things still need to fix my friend.
Yes, take a good rest too and enjoy your favorites game. I'm glad you like that sport, and that's great! My friend Nick!

I have to take a rest and sleep soon, my friend.
See you again tomorrow.

Joyce:-) :-) :-)

Thanks a lot my friend.

I hope you have a great rest and sleep, and speak with you sometime tomorrow Joyce!

Thank you, friend Nick!
Have a nice day and See you later,


I have been thinking about you and I said
that today I will write to you but you beat
me to it.

These pictures are so heartwarming and
made me cry. You all looked so gracefully
beautiful and you are like the queen of

I just love those pictures and such a great
and beautiful church. Where is that to?

I do miss you terribly but I didn't want to
interfere with your schedule and now you
are back....Hooray!!!

Thank you for sharing these with all of us
and they are just wonderfully beautiful.

May the new bride find their new life
together with God's grace and love
enfolding them and God's light surround
them always.

Thank you once again, Joyce, and thank you
for your presence here with us again.

God be with you always in all ways.

I love you dearly.


Hey, my ever-dearest friend, Elizabeth!

Thank you for your kind concern, my dear friend; it's a coincidence when you think of writing of me, and I am back! What? Our subconscious minds are talking? Lovely, and I love it. :-)).

The church is located in Metropolitan Cathedral, Cebu, my friend, near Santo Nino church de Cebu, Phil.

If you knew only while I'm offline, my mind was just here in my WA, but I have no choices. I have to finish preparing all things and be ready, so avoiding any hustles at all. And it was greatly done, my friend; I'm happy about it. I thank you also to our almighty One for letting us finish the event and safe for Covid19.

I will extend all your wishes to the new couple, my friend Elizabeth.

Thank you, and I love you more!

All the best and God bless!


Praise God everything is done
in His guidance and guarding.

No worries and I know you will
be back stronger and with full

Just so grateful everything went
well and now you can take a

Take your time as WA is not
going anywhere.

Do take care of yourself and
we are waiting for you and now
you are back. Praise the Lord.

Thank you so much, my dear.

The love of God enfolds you.

I love you dearly.


Thank you so much for all the kind words I heard and felt, my friend Elizabeth!

May God bless you always. I miss you so much!
Much love and hugs,


My dearest Joyce,

As always, you are most welcome.

We will wait for you and for sure
you will be back with more strength
and force. :-)

God bless you more.

I love you more.


Thank you for your kind understanding, my dear friend Elizabeth!
Yes, I try my best; I still have things to fix; see you soon, my dear friend, and God bless!
Thanks for all your support.
Love and care,

Thank you much more,
my dear Joyce.

Sending you love back.

God bless you more.


Love and hugs to my dear friend, Elizabeth!
Thank you so much!
Joyce:-) :-) :-)

Welcome, my dear.
Much welcome. 😍🥰😀



Hey Joyce,

I'm Glad that you're back and Congratulations on your Son's wedding!!!

I pray that him and his wife will have a Blessed and fulfilled life!🙏

Great pictures, Everything looked Wonderful!

Many Blessings :)


Hello, my friend, Zach!
Thank you so much for your kind wishes and congratulations on my Son's wedding. Thanks that you like those pictures too.

Prayer and blessing to you too.

All the best,

Your welcome Joyce!

I Hope You have a Blessed rest of your day! :)


Yes, I am my friend; I need to rest and recharge myself. Soon, I am ready to work again on my site. A lot to catch up on!

Have a great day!


Yes, it is always good to rest after a big emotional event!

Many blessings :)


Many blessings! Zach.
And thank you so very much!


You're so very welcome!

Zach :)

:-) :-) :-)

Hi Joyce
Great photos.
I'm glad it all went so well!

Hello Richard,
Thank you so much!
Yes, I'm so glad too that it went ok and finished!

Thank you and see you again,


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