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November 28, 2021
Hello everyone,I've been away from my Wealthy Affiliate friends and family for a while. I hope you forgive me for that as I have a break for a couple of months. Now I want to continue learning and making money online and many more possibilities...Now I am back, and I avail for Premium Plus!See you around, guys! I missed you all,Thanks,Joyce
Give Time and Love Ourselves 1st and 2nd Loving Others And Other Things We Want in Life. I hope you agree, my WA Family.To love ourselves means accepting ourselves as we are and coming to terms with those aspects of ourselves that we cannot change. It means having self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance. That means having a healthy regard for ourself, knowing that we are a worthy human being, etc.To do all these, I also start to check myself right after the hard d
Happy Monday! Everyone! My Beloved WA Family, I am Back!Hello! I MISSED YOU ALL!!!How are you guys! I hope everyone is OK, healthy, happy, and most of all, your online business is going great and OK too. Mine, I have to catch up soon! I'm sorry it takes longer to come back; now I am here and be with you again! :-).Yes, guys, I was so busy arranging things and preparing for the event. I thank God for everything, and It was going smoothly and successfully. Plus, a day before the wedding, we staye
AWESOME! Another 2 Articles Indexed and Ranking in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! My WA Family.Good day! Everyone! My beloved WA family. I want to share this awesome news with all of you, guys!Look! I checked at Jaaxy, this one article ranking in Google position 65 pages 7, Bing position 1 page 1, and Yahoo position 1 page 1!It's amazing! And I'm pleased about it, my beloved WA family.Here are the images below as my references for myself and all of you!I have a check at Jaaxy; here is what I have fou
Again, AWESOME News, Guys! 3 articles are indexed in Google and Bing!Hello! My Dear WA family, I have check this morning, and I found 3 articles that have Indexed and Ranked in Google in position, 47 pages 5! And Bing position 37 pages 4!That Awesome news for me, that my content published through SiteContent at Wealthy Affiliate has been found in Google! The email says that Google has your page within their index to display within the search results. It's amazing! Here is what was found in Goo
Hello! My WA Family, Please EXCUSE ME, For not being Active this month of June.Hello! How are you today, guys? Hoping everyone is in good health, happy, focused, motivated, and determined in whatever you do in life, especially in your business online here in Wealthy Affiliate!I am writing today to let you know, guys, you might not see me often this time as I have more important things to do for my family. My husband still at work abroad. I am not sure when he could come home with us to complete
As a Business Owner/Entrepreneur; Think Again if You're Not Leveraging the Power of Blogging. My WA FamilyHere are the three essential skills of a successful Entrepreneur.Adaptability, Persistence, and Hard Work are the keys to success in a small business and even large, but they are three essential attributes no matter what your endeavor.After looking at the distribution and role of blogging in local businesses based on international content marketing, I've seen a big difference.Here's what w
8 Ways to Make Money from Watching VideosYou have made attempts to get paid by watching videos online. Well, it is really possible, and I’ll show you how to do that in this piece.Most people do not know that it is very easy to make money from watching videos online. And, they always spend plenty of time watching clips, ads, and films. This is such an easy way to earn some extra cash during your spare time. You can also make money this way by having a YouTube account. Also, you will gain v
Don't Want to Invest in Your Online Business? How You Expect to See Returns or Results.If We Don't Invest in Our Business, Especially an Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer, How Do We Expect to See Returns or Results? It can be a Free or Paid resource, and yes, you can try doing things without them. But by learning and then implementing, you must have a higher chance of understanding and succeeding in it.So, what kind of investment should this be?=> The time investing in free blogs,
How to Promote ContentIf you want your content to produce the result you want, then get it across to your target audience. Content that doesn’t get to your audience won’t make any impact. Creating great content requires hard work and a lot of researches that would impact your readers. If content doesn’t get noticed by your audience, then you haven’t achieved your aim.You need to promote your content for it to produce the result you anticipated. We’ll discuss some p