Why does Awin want $1 to join their affiliate network?

Last Update: July 14, 2022

When you apply to the Awin.com affiliate network, there’s one place in the process where they ask you to enter your credit card to charge $1 to it. Why does Awin do that?

I can tell you the reason why. Full disclosure – I work for Awin.com.

Awin is dedicated to keeping fraudsters out of the network, so the application process is quite thorough about proving the applicant’s identity. If you think about it, the credit card company had to verify your identity before giving you a credit card, so this is just one more way to make sure you are truly the person applying to join the network. Fraudsters will do anything to hide their identity, so the last thing they want to do is submit any information that would enable Awin to find out who they really are.

The money is instantly placed in your account on Awin.com, so in reality it doesn’t cost you a cent. You get the whole $1 back (it’s included in your first payout, so it also makes you $1 closer to your first commission payment).

Some key things to know about this process:

  • Awin never sees your credit card number. The whole thing is handled by a secure third party who merely verifies the information associated with the card back to Awin.com. It’s also not kept on file, so no worries that it could be hacked later either.
  • If you want your money back sooner, just request to close your Awin account and it will be returned to you. (But since Awin has advertisers like Etsy.com, HP.com, and GetYourGuide.com among thousands of others, there’s no reason to quit!)
  • Yes, Awin is the only network that does this, and it’s been tremendously successful, so it won’t change in the future. If anyone else asks you to pay when you join, I would strongly recommend against it.

If you want to join Awin

Because I am familiar with the folks here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have a join link you can use if you wish. It’s not an affiliate link, but it does tell Awin that you came via Wealthy Affiliate so your application can be fast-tracked.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask and I’ll be glad to answer as soon as possible.

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FrankB44 Premium
Hello, Jeannine. I just became an Awin affiliate, and I'm trying to find an advertiser that fits my niche, which is fishing. Just everyday fishing for fun. I've tried looking sporting goods, fishing tackle, etc. with no success. I joined Awin because (allegedly) that's the way to Cabela's Sporting Goods, but I can't find Cabela's in Awin.
Any help or suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

JeannineC Premium
Cabela's is actually on Avantlink, a different network. Sorry that there was any confusion on that, but being part of Awin is a great thing!
FrankB44 Premium
I feel stupid, Jeannine. I can't even figure out how to navigate Awin's site well enough to find what companies and products are available to me.
That's the help I was asking about, but thanks for the info about Cabela's.
JeannineC Premium
Oh don't feel bad! I'm glad to help you with this. I'll also message you the link to the "Getting Started on Awin" YouTube video. And ask me questions anytime! That's why I'm here.
AngelaTr Premium
Thank you for sharing this article, I have never heard of Awin before, I am excited to find out more about it :)
Trujunco Premium
Thank you for this, it broadens my understanding of the available networks out there. David
Prinz Premium
Helpful info, thank you! I write about fertility and pregnancy, and I'm wondering whether Awin could work on my website.

My commissions have decreased drastically since Amazon made changes to its affiliate program last year, so I'm looking for other ways of monetizing my website.
JeannineC Premium
I'm sure we would have programs that work for you available on Awin.com. We work with over thousands of merchants on a global basis. Whether it's posts about maternity clothes, baby clothes, nursery items, books or other gifts, we have many merchants to choose from. Etsy.com is especially popular in this area. There are also 4,000+ merchants on our sister network, ShareASale.com.

Many have suffered from Amazon's continuing cut in commission rates (while reporting record profits!). I think you are very wise in seeking alternatives. If you'd like to join Awin.com, let me know and i will send you a join link and code to join as my guest.
PaulMunns Premium
Very informative. Thank you. Paul.