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If you chose pets as your niche, you were smart! Despite the challenges of severe inflation, causing consumers to cut back in spending on everything from food to clothing to car purchases, the pet industry remains inflation-resistant. So says Petco CEO Ron Coughlin, who noted that even as costs rise, pet parents will still need to provide food and care of their non-human family members.Part of this strength comes from the perception shift from pet owners to “pet parents”, as many re
I’m going to doing something a bit different now, sharing some information from a network perspective. Yeah, there’s no one else on all of WA who can do this, other than my co-worker from Commission Factory (our Australian network).Today I reviewed a number of referrals to our network to see which had become active. Sadly, it was only a handful. The rest were all declined in my program. The actual percentages would surprise you (sorry, I can’t give that away!). All of these re
Here’s how BF/CM 2021 stacked up by the numbers versus 2020. 1. Consumers spent $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday. Though this was 1.4% less than 2020, it remained the biggest online shopping day of the year.2. Out-of-stock items are indeed an issue. Out-of-stock messages increased 169% over pre-pandemic notices, and were up 258% versus November, 2019.3. Consumers aren’t waiting until BF/CM to shop for the holidays. 63% shopped for deals before Thanksgiving, and 54%
I’ll confess, I went shopping a lot on Black Friday. Wore the numbers off the credit card, so to speak!The purchase I’m happiest about is definitely a new laptop – a Samsung with just enough bells and whistles to make me turn out content like crazy, while staying within my budget. Besides that, there were new wifi dog collars for my two escape-artist Siberian Huskies, a new suitcase and gifts like sweaters and toys for family and friends.So this is your chance to brag about w
If you’ve got a blog on any other subject than WA, you could have a very exciting weekend!Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 is different than previous years due to a number of reasons – supply chain concerns, inflation, and a troubled economy all are issues. Advertisers feel like there are a few more challenges this year, such as running out of product or not being able to guarantee shipping times. As a result, advertisers have modified how they are conducting their sales this year and
September 17, 2021
Wow, it's been four years already since I first learned about the wonderful place known as Wealthy Affiliate. Within a few hours of joining, I learned how special this community was. Now, four years later, it's a part of my daily life. I feel like we're family here; we've gone through weddings, births, health challenges, deaths, birthdays, new homes, job changes and more. We've celebrated each other's successes and commisserated over the losses. And together we've made a lot of money in the fan
When did so many WA members forget how to construct a paragraph?A paragraph has multiple sentences, each continuing a specific train of thought. When that thought is completed, then it’s time to move to a new paragraph. That’s how the English language works.Lately, however, it seems that many writers are double spacing between each sentence, rather than completing the thought in a paragraph. This makes their posts appear to be long, when in reality if paragraphs had been properly co
Merchants take the time to send emails to their publishers. Will you take the time to read what they send you? It’s a great place to get ideas for posts!I received a couple dozen of those merchant emails today, and learned the following:Grammarly.comToday they shared information about five skills to improve your English vocabulary. These tips could easily be turned into a post – or two – by a good writer. All of this information came to me for free.HalloweenCostumes.comI had n
I am very proud to announce that I was elected to a seat on the Board of Directors of the Performance Marketing Association. My term runs from January, 2021 – December, 2022.The Performance Marketing Association, PMA for short, is a non-profit trade association that was founded in 2008. As the trade association focusing on performance marketing, the goals are:To promote the growth of the industryHelp model standards and best-practices for the industryAdvocate on behalf of the businesses t
WA Family, I’d appreciate your help!I’m writing today to ask for a favor. Awin has been honored by the International Performance Marketing Awards with nominations for their two top awards – Best Affiliate Network and Best Team in Performance Marketing. But for us to win, we need your help – we need your vote.Can you please take a couple minutes now to vote for Awin? I would sure appreciate it! Voting ends tonight, so time is of the essence.Also, please use your company e