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September 17, 2021
Wow, it's been four years already since I first learned about the wonderful place known as Wealthy Affiliate. Within a few hours of joining, I learned how special this community was. Now, four years later, it's a part of my daily life. I feel like we're family here; we've gone through weddings, births, health challenges, deaths, birthdays, new homes, job changes and more. We've celebrated each other's successes and commisserated over the losses. And together we've made a lot of money in the fan
When did so many WA members forget how to construct a paragraph?A paragraph has multiple sentences, each continuing a specific train of thought. When that thought is completed, then it’s time to move to a new paragraph. That’s how the English language works.Lately, however, it seems that many writers are double spacing between each sentence, rather than completing the thought in a paragraph. This makes their posts appear to be long, when in reality if paragraphs had been properly co
Merchants take the time to send emails to their publishers. Will you take the time to read what they send you? It’s a great place to get ideas for posts!I received a couple dozen of those merchant emails today, and learned the following:Grammarly.comToday they shared information about five skills to improve your English vocabulary. These tips could easily be turned into a post – or two – by a good writer. All of this information came to me for free.HalloweenCostumes.comI had n
I am very proud to announce that I was elected to a seat on the Board of Directors of the Performance Marketing Association. My term runs from January, 2021 – December, 2022.The Performance Marketing Association, PMA for short, is a non-profit trade association that was founded in 2008. As the trade association focusing on performance marketing, the goals are:To promote the growth of the industryHelp model standards and best-practices for the industryAdvocate on behalf of the businesses t
WA Family, I’d appreciate your help!I’m writing today to ask for a favor. Awin has been honored by the International Performance Marketing Awards with nominations for their two top awards – Best Affiliate Network and Best Team in Performance Marketing. But for us to win, we need your help – we need your vote.Can you please take a couple minutes now to vote for Awin? I would sure appreciate it! Voting ends tonight, so time is of the essence.Also, please use your company e
I’m so excited that Commission Factory, @Commfac, has added hundreds of programs to the Affiliate Programs tab on WA. Commission Factory is part of Awin’s global affiliate network, serving the Asia Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand. Commission Factory works with many of the most recognized brands for that part of the world. I’ve had so many WA members based in Australia and the south Pacific ask me about how they can work with Awin programs – now, thanks
Since Amazon’s severe commission cuts in April, literally tens of thousands of affiliates have joined the Awin affiliate network to find high-quality alternative merchant programs. At, we wanted to make the process easier, so we’ve created the Expedited Publisher Signup which makes joining Awin even easier. That way you can apply more quickly, get approved faster, and start pivoting away from Amazon to more profitable partners!We’ve also created the Automated Partners
If your site only contains Amazon affiliate links, you are probably in big trouble.Amazon announced huge commission cuts, effective April 21st. Here are the cuts:Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry – was 8%, now 3%Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business & Industrial Supplies – was 6%, now 3%Outdoors, Tools – was 5.5%, now 3%Grocery – was 5%, now 1%Sports – was 4.5%, now 3%Baby products – was 4.5%, now 3%He
September 16, 2019
Hard to believe it's been two years already. I love all the progress WA has made in that time, and look forward to continuing to serve the WA community.(This is me speaking at the Women in Travel Summit in Portland, ME this spring.)
Today Amazon announced record sales of $59.6 billion, "blowing away" all expectations. They made a fortune! also announced plans to further cut affiliate commissions, because they can. Guess they didn't want to share with people who helped them earn it.One smart publisher commented "I feel like a frog that's slowly being boiled so I don't jump out." She nailed it.Do you reall