The Big Misunderstanding About Comments and Feedback

Last Update: Sep 20, 2017


Hi friends.

I think I may have to borrow Michael's soapbox for this one. I have written about this many times; but I think it bears repeating, especially for any newbies out there.

There is a difference between comments and feedback.


Comments are to be specific to the post that comments were requested for. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about this. I continue to get feedback when I ask for comments. There is no need to look over the whole site (although you may) when asked to comment on a specific post. However, your comment should reflect an interest in what you have read in the post you have been asked to comment on.

Many people (mostly relatively new), are having their comments rejected because they are actually feedback,

Comments should reflect an interest in the subject of the post you have been asked to comment on.

They should be mainly positive. Asking a question, or commenting specifically about something in the post makes for a better comment.

Comments are not for giving feedback on the entire website. They are also not the place to correct grammar or spelling. When one receives a comment; it will show up on their website. They will want the comments to be relevant and primarily positive. You may have the best intentions of helping the author; but your comment will be rejected.


Feedback is to be given when the person requests feedback for their website or for a particular post. This is where you may correct grammar or spelling, etc. It is also where you may make helpful suggestions on how the person may better their website or post. Feedback does not show up on your site for the public to read. However, it should be kind and helpful criticism; not unkind putdowns.

Feedback is not for just saying, "Great site", or "I love your site"; although that is a good beginning; it is not helpful by itself. Feedback should include suggestions on how the person can better their site for public viewing. It should be done in a spirit of kind helpfulness, and not as a putdown. Read over your criticism before you send it and think how it will be received. If it is not a feedback you would like to receive; reword it or add something positive.

Why the confusion?

I am not sure why there is so much confusion about this subject. Is it not explained well in our lessons? Or are people just missing it in their hurry to get set up and going. I know, when I first started here, I made the mistake of making comments on the whole site, when the person had requested for one post. I had two posts rejected before I realized my mistake.

The members here at WA are all so helpful, and perhaps that is why they want to offer feedback. The feedback I have gotten in place of a comment has always been given in a kind helpful manner and I hate rejecting it; but it is what I had to do again today.

Where do you think the confusion comes in? Have you received feedback instead of comments? What are your thoughts on this subject? Does anyone know how to fix the problem; or must we continue to reject kind, helpful feedback by well meaning members? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Anyway...on a lighter note...

Have a wonderful and productive day!


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Recent Comments


Thanks for clearing that up.

The way I understand this ... It's similar to the issue of "benefits" and "features" on something.

Many thanks for this easily understood, supportive post. I hope many people will read it and appreciate the difference, Sue :)

Hi Jeannie,
I think the more and more this subject is brought up, the more people will understand the difference. Thank you for your input to get the message across.
Best regards,

Thank you for commenting Gina. :)

Hi Jeannie,
This is very informative on the difference between feedback and comments. If I can remember that comments is on contents, both with a C, that helps too. Have a great day.


I do think that part of the problem is that members do not go through the training or do not understand it.

Some of it, again, is the fact that people WANT to 'help'. They do not see, apparently, that they are going about it all wrong which does NOT help.

Hi, Jean, thanks for your great explanation of the differences between comments and feedback on a website.
Here is also a link to a training I created over a year ago. It is an issue that comes up on a regular basis. So far, I have been lucky to only get one feedback instead of a comment.
Also, people don't realize that lots of folks purchase site comments. It is disappointing to only get a simple comment like 'Great post...' etc.
The best thing we can do is to write posts like you and shed some clarity, especially for new members.

All the best from Anke

This is always a confusion Jeannie and I really like the way you have explained it here. Thank you.

Very nicely explained, Jeannie.

Thanks Lauren. Thanks for reading. :)

Hi, Jeannie! That was a very concise article that you wrote in differentiating between website feedback and site comments. I had made the suggestion to Kyle a few months ago that perhaps the wording - "site comments" be changed to something else, perhaps even "content article comments" so that there would be absolutely no mistake between the two. But, as Kyle never replied, I assume that he did not think it necessary to make that change. Yet, for whatever reason a small percentage of members still confuse the two.

I have to be quite honest however. If members here would simply go through the educational training which is present here at WA regarding how both website feedback and site comments are to be properly used, I believe that there would be less confusion.

Just do the training!!!

Website feedback is exactly what you described it as being in your article, Jeannie. Site comments are the thoughts about a content article posted for review in that part of the platform. A member is not supposed to address the design of a website, layout, color scheme, etc. in the site comments. This is articulated quite clearly in the training.

Members who still do this incorrectly, I feel just have not paid ATTENTION to the training. That, or else they never attempted to go through the training at all. And for that, there is simply no excuse!

Hi Jeff.

Thank you for your kind "comment" on my blog. Lol. And thank you for giving your thoughts on the subject.

I think sometimes when people come in as complete newbies like myself it is easy to miss something simply because of the volume of information we are asking our minds to consume.

Those who come in with more knowledge and experience may find the first lessons boring or that they already know this. I suspect they may skip some things. Then they are anxious to share what they know to help others; and make the mistake of offering feedback in place of comment and get rejected.

From Kyle's post on "give and take" comment section:

"Google looks at metrics like engagement when determining your rank within their search results. If you are actively getting comments on your website, then you will definitely appear.

But these comments must be relevant to the context of your article. So if you post a comment on an article that is related to "best techniques to lose weight", your comment should be completely relevant to this.

This is a discussion where you can post your latest content and ask for others to give you website feedback on it".

While the second paragraph is very clear; the third seems to call a comment "website feedback". Could be confusing, right? Or am I reading that wrong?

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


I see your point, Jeannie. That paragraph when Kyle brings up "website feedback" in the middle of a sentence that is a discussion of "site comments" could be misconstrued quite easily.

I was a member of WA, (re-joining for a second time back in Feb. 2015) back when they only had website feedback. There was not a platform for site comments. It only came about I believe looking back now in either the summer or fall of 2015.

I still think that if only Kyle in the site platform would change the wording of the category "site comments" to something else like "content article comments", the confusion between the two would appear at a lower rate.

But, what do I know, Jeannie, lol.

You may be right. I'm sure you know more than me, Jeff. :)

You don't tend to get more than "great article" for a comment request, like you don't get much more than "great site" for feedback. It often seems to be the minimal possible, all for seeking a similar vacuous comment (leading back to another WA promoting site if that's the niche) that could be copy&pasted; to any site or article: "Great post! I learned a lot, didn't realise there was so much to this subject. Love the site!"

After you've spent a few days researching and writing a 5,000+ word article or more, it can be kinda disappointing to receive comments that wouldn't get through most spam filters :)

Yes. It can be frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if they read the article. But my main focus here is receiving feedback instead of comments, sometimes with NO reference to the content of the post. Thanks for commenting. :)

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