A cry for help! Please suggest a way out.

Last Update: February 09, 2021

I was doing well until Xmas, doing posts and videos on the finer points in writing novels. I had planned to run a free online writing course but that didn't work out because of my appalling internet connection.

I have cancer and the typing was becoming a real issue for me (causing too much pain) so I did a bit more research looking for an easier way and unfortunately discovered that my niche was tiny and not worth the pain trade-off. So I stopped. (Yes, I have tried Dragon Naturally Speaking but it doesn't work well with my Aussie accent.)

I've looked into FBA fulfilled by Amazon but the software that helps you find profitable products is really expensive and I haven;t gone any further with that.

So now I'm stuck and I've gone back to building model railroads for fun for the last month. I really don't know where to go from here. Instead of making money, I feel like I've wasted two months of my subscription - which I could ill afford in the first place. I just feel like crying.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I could go now?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Cheryl--which one of the three that you have tried are you most passionate about? If you soul search and discover that, then select the pertinent keywords and begin doing this one post at a time! Have you ever written a book? If you have, upload it on Amazon Kindle and see if you can make a few $$ there while your niche site is fleshing itself out!

🙏🙏 that it will all come together for you!

Swangirl Premium
Whatever ideas you come up with, make sure you run the keywords through Jaaxy to look at how popular they are/how much competition there is. I do that before I start a new website in order to pick a good niche and domain name. I also do it before every post I write.

Just start looking up everything you can think of that interests you. Try a bunch of different combinations of words.

For example, when I started my first site I knew I wanted to do a pet site and that dog and cat products are popular but found that there is a lot less competition in the cat niche than the dog niche. Both are growing in the U.S. so I was comfortable picking a cat niche as I originally wanted to do rather than a dog and cat one combined.

You never know what you might find when you start doing research. Put in model train phrases such as "Best...." or "Top 5 ..." or "Top 10..." and try questions such as "How to ...".

See what you find. Then do the same with any other niche ideas you might have. If you find a number of good phrases that have a good deal of searches and low competition (other websites already using that same phrase) then it might be a good niche.

Stick to phrases that have very low competition (under 30 at most but under 10 is better).

That is the only place I differ from the training here that says under 100 I think for competition.

I hope that helps a little.
Mick-D Premium
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jazzsinger20 Premium
I should probablyl add:
A new niche idea would be great! I have a masters in writing, I like model railway building, I have two dogs and I teach singing. None of which I seem to be able to translate into a money making idea...
YvonneBray Premium
Do you have a friend close by who can do the typing for you and have you ever thought about running a writing course?

It does take a while to build trust and authority on your website, you need at least 30 blogs of content and do more the better.

You could write about Cancer, it's a subject close to your heart, and you could help others. It's just a thought.