So You Want to Sing for your Supper?

Last Update: June 03, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I seemed to be struggling with the Word Press today and quite possibly it may just be my old computer. I compose on my blog and save, then come back to it and I am missing words, have messed up sentences, missing whole sentences, halves of sentences with periods. When I save to go on my break, I have 914 words down at the bottom. I come back and I have 895 words. The justify doesn't seem to be working at all. OK enough complaining. If you have time, take a browse at:

I hope everyone will have a great productive week. I have to work all day tomorrow, but I will be back on Wednesday. I think Wealthy Affiliate is by a very wide margin positively the best!!!! Stick with your dreams and stick with your guns!


PS I think today will be spent cleaning up each one of my blogs and trying some new themes.

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Rich908 Premium
I only see a wordpress login
Heroba Premium
Hi Eiress, are you sure it's not a malware issue?
I've had some issues with "adblockers"
After removing them everything went back to normal.
mwilly Premium
You have to log in first.
Loes Premium
Hi Eiress, I have to log in, and I really don't know how
bsmith1222 Premium
Was going to look at it but shows log in page.