Do You Procrastinate your Life Away?

Last Update: May 01, 2015

Henrik in "The Positivity Blog" suggests telling yourself, "ok, only work for 2 minutes on this task today, then you can finish it another day". If 2 minutes does not get you started, then try 1 minute. The task should be done at a relaxed pace. Stay calm, relaxed and don't put any requirements into it. Make the start as easy as you can.

The success he gets with this method is this: He starts at a relaxed, non-stressed pace, and continues for the two minutes. The result is that he generally works past the two minutes and gets quite a bit more work accomplished.
When you approach a task with minimal effort, it ceases to appear big, hard, and insurmountable.
If you are interested in this check out:

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step!"

Martin Luther King Jr.

PS I am going to be using this method today, only I will be using the kitchen timer to time the 2 minutes. What are your thoughts on that? Do you procrastinate with everything or just a task or two now and then? What are some of the remedies you use to get moving?

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ESmall2017 Premium
Yes we, all procrastinate, if it's something that definitely needs to be done I start on it 1st thing and pretty soon I have my "mojo" working and won't stop until it's complete...

"The things that are easy to do; are also easy not to do"
ShirleyWoon Premium
Procrastinator No. 1, that's me. I love checking the blogs in my inbox, I tend to put the course lessons for later.....(sigh).
kiliwia62 Premium
I guess we all do sometimes a bit of procrastinating. Some tasks are easier to do then others.
In my case it also depends how I feel each day, emotionally and mentally, go with the flow is my mantra. LOL
Rich908 Premium
When we stagnate we procrastinate see my latest blog
Reptyrog Premium
Yes I do all the time and I will try this . Thanks for sharing a great blog. Matthew