UGH! I Hate Red Tape!

Last Update: Sep 10, 2013


Just a little rant.

It’s important to be a positive person.

I know that. Yes, I get new thought. What you think is what you get. You create your own reality.

You can’t bury your frustration though. You have to express it, then get rid of it. Erase it fast.

What happens when your patience is tried beyond tolerable limits? A rant.

I am a positive person most of the time. Even today, I’m optimistically hanging onto my wits, trying not to fall to the ground in a puddle of despair, while at the same time, crying out this too will pass.

Why? You might ask. I’ll tell you why. It’s called Red Tape. It’s called being forced to take 20 steps when just 1 would have sufficed. What a sanity waster!

It’s in everything you do. Now I know why Thoreau took off into the woods into a one room cabin with just 2 chairs, one for himself and one for a guest.

It's really not right to impose this rant on you unless you just consider my ranting entertainment for the world weary and a way for all of us to blow off some steam, that is if you need to blow off steam.

What slows your progress when you’re centered, focused and working unusually well and everything seems to be moving along other words, when you are in a very happy space?

Answer: having to retrace your steps and revisit old matters that you thought were already resolved.

A useless expenditure of time and effort.

Step 1 DONE. Step 2 DONE. Step 3 DONE, then move on to the next thing. NOT, 1,2,3, then 1 again.

Am I creating chaos by seeing it?

When it involves an investment of money as well as time, when you can’t go forward until the matter is resolved, when you can’t reach the people by phone who can settle things in a minute or two, when you have other people awaiting your answer because forward movement is contingent on the original steps, when you have other time constraints… YOU ARE STUCK, at least temporarily.

Yes, this is very frustrating. It’s also something business has to endure. Is flexibility the answer? We passed patience a long time ago.

Seems to be the way it is in business. WHY CAN”T ANYTHING BE EASY?

Maybe it’s a matter of learning some grace. I don’t know.

With all of our technology geared to communication, wouldn’t you think it would be easier than ever to get things done?

I’m taking a class on Emerson and Transcendentalism. It’s all about New Thought, but that’s a subject for another blog. At any rate, my classmates and I have been encouraged to “transcend” negativity and see and expect only our good.

So, I’ll close this blog returning swiftly to a calm acceptance of life and the belief that all is good.

The waves are only ripples.

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recent Comments


One of my favorite Emerson quotes. We need to live by them, take something and make it simpler and by all means stay positive. Loved your rant though. LOL. Have done it and now do it less. Main thing is we seem to keep moving forward, natural transcendence, also called excellence. And excellent you are my friend. ^_~

Thank you caylynn. Rants are self indulgence, but they feel so good. Emerson is a national treasure.

You should have heard what a government worker told us today when we inquired about an account. She answered the question. We asked again because we thought we had misunderstood. Her next words were "I don't repeat myself" Can you strangle someone on the other end of the phone?

That's a first for me. Prima donna government worker. Thank you for commenting.

As far as rants go: Well done! Feel better?

Thanks. Much better.

Sometimes the only thing that will truly satisfy is a good rant!

Yes, it helps. Thank you.

The most frustrating I think: is in this world we created where people won't talk to you. I guess it is less expensive, to not have, customer service but....I get your rant and pray for resolution. ;0)

Thank you. In most circumstances, customer service is very important, and it can save a customer.

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