Coffee Shop Banter: Sharing a Few Thoughts On a Saturday Afternoon

Last Update: Aug 17, 2013


Is it possible that I am slipping into an online existence that actually feels comfortable and perfectly designed for me? I guess things happen in their own time.

It's no secret that techy stuff frustrates me, and has frustrated me from the very beginning. Perhaps I was born a generation too early. It was before the geek plugin was installed in human brains, somewhere around the year 5 AD.

Other than that, there is so much I truly enjoy about being online. I LOVE the communication with other people. I LOVE the huge creative potential the Internet provides. I LOVE sharing what I know, and if I can help someone with any of it, what can be more fulfilling?

Oddly enough, I even enjoy writing about anything and everything. I've always thought of myself as a visual person who wrote papers and essays in school to get to the next grade or the next level of education. In other words, I saw it as drudge work and very boring. What a shame. Well, I always loved reading and research. That was different. That might have been an early clue to the future unfoldment. But I never considered that writing would have any part in my professional life as long as I could say it with pictures.

As marketers online, all we are asked to do is to communicate with words. It's only required that we use proper grammar and that we spell the words correctly. Because our purpose is to communicate our thoughts and emotions, our writing is best when it is conversational. We write the way we talk, unpretentious and real.

If we are sincere, people will recognize it. If we have knowledge of our subject, people will know that too. There's no hiding when you put yourself out there to the degree that you want to be noticed. You certainly don't need to tell everything about yourself, but your personality and character will be exposed through your writing.

Writing style? What's that? It's the way you present your ideas, the way you express yourself. Personal style just happens. We dress a certain way. We move a certain way. Our house reflects our unique style. Our handwriting looks a certain way. We bring atmosphere, and our personal style to everything we do.

No point worrying about personal style. You can't avoid it. Not everybody will appreciate your personal style. Doesn't matter.

I've been away from Wealthy Affiliate for a while, working on projects. I'm really busy. I think of all of you as my friends, and miss you when I'm not here.

Last night, I was able to log into Jay's webinar for the first time in months. There was something wrong with my firewall and it blocked me somehow, even when it was turned off. It wouldn't even allow me to update Adobe Flash. Well, it's been resolved. It was resolved during Jay's webinar and while I was making eggplant parmesan for dinner. That was distracting, but I'll listen to the recording.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Recent Comments


You made me laugh. Such a great thing. Am so very busy too, but have to write something when I am moved by such a truth-filled blog. ^_~

Thanks Caylynn. Makes me happy to make you laugh. Thanks for commenting.

Well written Joan, love the content.

Thank you Bob. Thanks for commenting.

Did you make enough for all of us? Sigh, guess I'll just have to settle for stuffed Zucchini.
Glad you got your firewall issue sorted.

Made enough for about five of you. Sharing it would have been fun. Thank you. The firewall was a vexing mystery.

I am one that loves your writing style, I really enjoyed this, thank you.

God bless
Kymee ; O)

Awww, thank you Kymee. It was fun to visit.

Nice thoughts. Where are the donuts?

Well, there are virtual doughnuts.

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