WA does Vegas 2018 - Another Great Experience.

Last Update: February 14, 2018

As many of you know, the 2018 Wealthy Affiliate Conference was held just last week.

This was my second time attending and just like last year, it was an excellent way to bring in the New Year.

After meeting up with Carson, Kyle, and other affiliates I feel more focused, motivated, and refreshed.

I am ready to make 2018 my biggest year in terms of online success. And I hope many of you are just as motivated as well!

For all you WA affiliates out there, I definitely noticed more attendees this year over the previous year. And realize not everyone was able to attend.

Point being, there's plenty of room at the table and I am looking forward to meeting more members come 2019.

Why not you!?

You Never Know What To Expect

Kyle and Carson like to keep a surprise element to the trip and this years events were completely different from the year prior.

Here's some shots from the trip:

MGM Grand..

Prime Steakhouse..

Private Villas at the Bellagio..

TopGolf was a blast..

Biggest Takeaway

The group definitely had a great time in Vegas with Kyle and Carson being excellent hosts yet again!

Still, my biggest takeaway from the trip was seeing and hearing of all of the exciting updates to come this year.

I just kept thinking to myself, "Wow, Kyle and Carson have built a monster of a platform (meant in a good way) and keep adding to it".

I can't say much outside of expect a lot of advancements in the year ahead that will continue to benefit US - the members.

Whether if you are just getting started or have been here for several months. Keep plugging away at the training and continue creating and growing your business.

It will all pay off.

Stay busy!

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jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Jason for sharing, really nice images:)
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Thanks, Shubhangi!

My other half took all the photos so I can't take credit. But a great time nevertheless!
RoopeshG Premium
Thanks Jason.Some really cool photos you have taken.And congrats on making it second time round.
I am sure you will make next year as well.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Thanks, Roopesh. That is the plan!
Loes Premium
Looks like nice shiny objects to me, this is a lot more luxurious than I am used to in daily life, thank you for taking us on this brilliant dream journey:))
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Haha, yes Las Vegas is something else. Definitely was a great experience and learned lots from the guys as well!
hagstf Premium
Thanks for sharing Jason, looking forward to possibly meeting you one day :)
JasonHeard Premium Plus
No problem, Forrest. Likewise.
work4nobody Premium
Nice pictures.It looks like you had a great time. Congrats to you on this milestone. Thank you for sharing this with the community.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Hi Evette. Thank You.

Wishing you much success in the year ahead!