Success Stories?

Last Update: July 07, 2017

They're happening all over the internet, and yes even here within Wealthy Affiliate.

For those having a hard time grasping that it's possible for your average, everyday person to create a successful business on the internet - here are just a handful of success stories by WA members:

Dom shares his earnings ($100k in a single month):

Doug earned $6340 in a motnh:

Frank reaches the WA Las Vegas incentive:

Julius started a side project which is helping him to pay off some debt:

Corey earned over $3000 in just 60 days after joining WA:

Jesse shares how he has earned $14000 within a 3 month period:

Alex shares $400+ in a single day:

Jay used his Amazon commissions to buy a new car:

Ryan bought his dream car and shares tips:

Nathaniel celebrates his 6th year at WA:

Shawn brought the wife home and they are now both self-employed:

Judy sold a domain name earning herself $2000:

Kevin takes his family on a vacation:

Steve shares his 12 months of traveling and working on the go:

As it should go without saying, these stories are a result of hard work.

It's not about luck, it's about following the training, taking action, and having a positive mindset!

Don't get discouraged if you haven't matched these results quite yet, especially if you are just getting started.

Comparing your new business to someone else's business who has been 'at it' for 2 or 3+ years is like comparing an 8 year old football player to a professional football player.

Sure the 8 year old can get much better, but only by getting on that field everyday and working at it...

Early on, it was these type of success stories that motivated me to not quit and to keep working - the entire experience has been worth it!

Just keep moving forward.

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Sgreen2016 Premium
Thanks Jason was feeling kinda down today, need this. ~Sherry
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Glad it helped Sherry :)
JudeP Premium
Great post Jason, thanks :)
Ecowarrior Premium
Great to see the success stories , as great motivation for everyone!
Cheers, Lisa
JasonHeard Premium Plus
I agree
Dreamer56 Premium
Thanks for the reminder of what can be accomplished if we are willing to give it our all.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
No problem :)
dvilla410 Premium
In the beginning it can be so hard to imagine that kind of success when you only see a trickle of traffic day after day. But those that persevere through the growing pains will see that success even if they cant picture it now. Awesome post. A lot of people need to see this.
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Thanks a lot, and I agree with you 100%.

You sent me down memory lane because it wasn't to long ago that I was only getting 15-30 visitors a day, and really didn't know when and if things will 'pick up'.

But they have. The same will be true for those who have the tenacity and can understand the overall picture.

See ya around, Danny.