$3.1K in Sales 60 Days on WA!

Last Update: Nov 13, 2015


Wow... I can't believe it's been 60 days since I joined. I've learned so much with online eCommerce thanks to the WA training, coaching and member support. I have proudly reached a rank of 225 and have come a long way in my knowledge and respect for the platform.

I have learned how to work my niche very well from the training, coaching and mentoring. In my first 3 months of business on my eCommerce site I sold $350. This was before WA. Within my first 30 days of the program a hardcore study time, I made $500. After specializing my training (focusing on Social Media Marketing and sticking to ONE niche per Kyle specific recommendation) for 3 more weeks I sold another $400 worth of Holistic CBD immunity booster.

By remaining focused on one niche and mastering it, I made a miraculous $1,858 more in sales on my 60th Day with the WA network on the mark... 11/12!!! My persistence and focus with one niche, becoming the authority figure and selling myself has attracted an investor to me. He has a product label and an industry trademark. He also has access to a ground breaking Holistic Healing CBD product that he is working to gain exclusive licensing. He is very wise and the government and business aspect of the operations. He background is lacking in regards to Social Media, Networking and the ability to move his product.

Walter is his name. He is a wonderful man. My wife and I drove and hour for an all day (with paid lunch) business meeting. By the end of our 5 hour meeting, I walked out with $2K worth of product of which I keep 40% of all that I sell. He also offered me a partnership is his product label if I agreed to sponsor his product, distribute to wholesalers and traveled where necessary to negotiate deals and establish business contracts. I accepted with overwhelming joy. The man said he has spent over $250K on product development, trademark registrations, licensing and manufacturing and hasn't made a penny. I'm so blessed to be chosen to turn this wonderful man's life work into a financial empire!

In 4 weeks of emails and phone conversations and 1 5 hour business meeting, I gained the complete trust of a little known stranger and have been handed the keys to his mansion. My wife and I have worked so many years and suffered many hard times striving for our dreams of wealth and prosperity. We asked, sought, knocked and the door was opened.

It's wonderfully amazing how will power, persistence and prayer pays off. Thank you so much WA and my wonderful team members!! I can't wait to start reaping the rewards!!!

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Dude, you have my respect. I am around WA for 3 months now and haven't gotten that far yet.

Good luck with your future ventures with Walter. Keep us updated!

Thank you greatly Anh! And fret not... The more on fire for you passion you get... the faster the success and the greater the wealth!! More posts to come!

Sounds like you've already started reaping the rewards. Stay grateful and it will be a smooth ride to the top. Well done. Good luck.

Yes Stephanie... and the rewards are so sweet. Thank you for the advice... I carry a gratitude rock in my pocket always and rub it often! I appreciate the kudos. It keeps me going forward!

Congratulations to you! Great results in a short period of time. I love that you share this with us, it is very inspiring to keep on. If you have any recommandations about a good product in your niche I am thinking about the health niche for a website.

Thank you greatly! Yes... the results have been in a very short period of time. I contribute this to the fire I have for my passion and watching the movie "The Secret". You can buy it on Amazon for $5 (greatly recommended), watch it on YouTube for $3.99, watch it on Hulu.com for FREE, but a terrible amount of commercials and on Netflix.com for FREE and commercial free as well.

For a niche, Holistic Medicine is huge and greatly profitable. HM is projected to be the fastest growing industry over the next 7 years... currently a Billion dollar industry. Hemp CBD is the hottest Holistic product in the Nation right now. It's highly controversial because it helps with Alcoholism, Antibiotic-Resistant Infections, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Inflammation, MRSA, MS, Neurological Disorders, Pain, Psychosis, PTSD, RA, Seizures, Spasms and Schizophrenia.

My father-in-law was cured of the rarest form of Cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma) with Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). Check out my blogs on www.cannabisholism.com and see the amazing things CBD has done for my family and me (and more on other CBD topics). I am a Disabled Veteran that has been on 3 majorly addictive drugs and 9 other hard prescriptions and CBD has helped me wean off 9 of the 12 rxs in the last 5 months! I swear by it. It takes away my daily pain from Fibromyalgia and Morton's Neuroma.

There are currently only 2 suppliers in the US that import from Europe and China. Should you decide to pursue CBD after researching it, just let me know. I can set you up as a product reseller. So profitable. The margins are amazing and people are dying to get ahold of it because it works.

Thank you very much for the informative and highly interesting answer. Amazing to hear how this product has helped you and your family. I must say that this niche and particular product seems very promising indeed! I am interested in alternative treatment and do have a desire to help people. I will send you a PM :-)

Nice going

You are a good example to follow.
write an e-book . if you are led to do so.
That is good encouragement for some of us.

Thank you so much! That's so nice to say... I greatly appreciate it. I'm very encouraged by your comment. I never thought about an e-book. What an amazing idea. I have thought about a book before, but e-booking it would enable me to sell "me" on my site. Excellent inspiration! Thank you!!

nice work Sir.

Great blessings, Congratulations so inspiring to read your successful story.

Thank you!

You seem to be on the right path to success. Keep going Cory!

Thank you! And you can count on me keeping it going... success is addictive!

Good on you Cory!

Thank you... I greatly appreciate it MudreM!!

congratulations that is great results and inspiring for us to see

Thank you Katie... and it's also yours for the taking! To wealth and prosperity!!

lol now there is a niche I never even though of

Congratulations, i don't know why i keep getting exited for other people success stories xD, i wish you luck!!

Mario... it's because they're contagious and you have the fever for success!!! Go for it with all you've got. If you really want it, you'll attract it!

Congratulations! This is very exciting!

Thanks Gary! You've been there since the beginning. Nice to hear from you again!

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