Amazon Has Closed My Account Yesterday

Last Update: December 24, 2019

Amazon has closed my Account yesterday because my Account has not referred three qualified sales within in 180-days.

I have reapplied to the Amazon Associates Program again yesterday. And I have just finished reconnecting all my links to my new Account.

The Importance Is The Journey

Yes, I agree it is kind of troublesome to reconnect all the links to new Account. But it actually take even more of my time and effort to do all those pages and posts and searching. So if I don't re-open a new Account and reconnect all my links, all my effort will be wasted!

Although Amazon has recommended only reapplied to the Amazon Associates Program if my website receives consistent traffic. But I just don't like my website look with limited choice. I like my customers to have more choice in choosing when they visit my website.

No matter how, Amazon is still one of the largest e-commerce marketplace. So it is no harm to have some link to their products.

Anyway, the importance is the journey. So doesn't really have to be too bother or upset by the outcome. Just do what we think is the best we can do at each situation.

Be Patient And More Tolerance

Maybe for the time being, I will just maintain my current number of links to Amazon until I can start to see some profit being generate out from them, then I consider adding in more links to them.

Anyway, mine is a new website. It takes time to build and grow a new website. I am still at a beginner learning stage. So let just be patient and more tolerance with rejection.

And come to think of it, Amazon doesn't really completely rejected us! since they do allow us to reapply to their Associates Program. So in other words, they are still giving us chance!

Don't Take It Too Hard With Rejection

Anyway, I never plan just to have affiliate program with Amazon only. As I have mention, I like my customers to have more choice of choosing when they visit my website.

Therefore, I am working to get more affiliate program from other vendors too.

Yes, I do get rejection here and there from some vendors. But doesn't matter! Just work with those vendors who have approved your application first.

Who will know maybe down the road one day those vendors who have rejected you in the early stage will come to you themselves! lol And I do receive approval after some period from those vendors who have rejected me in the early stage. So don't worry, they will come back to you as your website baby grow.

Just enjoy and have fun along the journey...:-) All the best to everyone here!

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jojocinq Premium
I just received notice that I have 90 days before I'm out.
janetng Premium
Just do your best..:-) it doesn't matter what is the outcome as long as you have done your best. And just keep going, never give up. All the best to you!..:-)
ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Disappointments are a part of the business growth. I love your attitude, you are not allowing little issues to deter your growth and you are right Amazon did not totally exclude you so everything is fine. See, through your determination, you have already added the links. Good job! We keep moving up

To your success
janetng Premium
Yes, we keep moving up together...:-) All the best to you to your success too!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I, too, have had similar growing pains. It's frustrating, but it's a privilege to be able to use Amazon in that way! Carry on, my friend! Enjoy your weekend!☀️🥳
janetng Premium
Thank you! All the best to you and enjoy your weekend too!
RonaldH3 Premium
Hello Janet, Thanks for the info.
janetng Premium
You are most welcome!..:-)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Janet--good information to know when I finally decide to become an Amazon affiliate. Thanks for posting your experience!!

janetng Premium
You are most welcome Jeffrey...:-) Just keep it up and never give up..:-)