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Today, 1st of May, I have take up the first and last offer of $299 Yearly Premium with Wealthy Affiliate. This $299 is the Black Friday Pricing which I just get to learn that last year 2019 Black Friday was actually the last time they going to offer this price.I upgrade to Yearly Premium in last year Oct'19 at price of $359 before I learn that there is a Black Friday offer of $299 for the yearly premium. Due to my financial status, I were not able to take up this Black Friday offer last year
I am surprised today when I received an email from Amazon said that my Amazon Associates program application has been approved! Remember about 6 months ago that Amazon has rejected my application and closed my account? And I didn't give up and re-submit my application again and re-link all my amazon products link with the new ID number. And in January 2020, I have received a reminder from Amazon again said that I have left 90 days before my account is closed if I have not referred three Qual
Times really fly and I have been six months as Premium member with Wealthy Affiliate already! Looking back these six months with WA, I start from nothing until I have created my current own online business website! Receiving compliment from members about my impressive website is at least a good start after six months of hard work on my website. It really hard work! I have to sacrifice my sleep in order to come out time daily to work on it because I have a full time job and a part-time job too.
Hi hi Everyone! I hereby would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Knowing new year will be around the corner too, I would also like to wish everyone a Happy 2020 New Year in advance!I have feel that time has really fly as 2019 has almost come to an end and a new year 2020 is round the corner. I don't know do you feel the same way?Time for Self ReflectionIt is time to slow down abit and give yourself a break for a self reflection. What have you done, learn, improve and experience in ye
Amazon has closed my Account yesterday because my Account has not referred three qualified sales within in 180-days.I have reapplied to the Amazon Associates Program again yesterday. And I have just finished reconnecting all my links to my new Account.The Importance Is The JourneyYes, I agree it is kind of troublesome to reconnect all the links to new Account. But it actually take even more of my time and effort to do all those pages and posts and searching. So if I don't re-open a new Accou
I join WA as Premium Member in monthly subscription basis in August 2019 after started off as Free Member for a short period only. And I have just upgrade myself to yearly subscription member fee yesterday 16th Oct 2019. It is not easy for me to make this decision due to my current financial situation. In fact, I want to start into yearly subscription basis earlier but at that time my financial situation doesn't allow. Therefore, I have put on hold first and monitor my cash flow first and w