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Last Update: Jul 14, 2019

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Do I need a new domain for every new website? Am trying to set up a next site can it by any chance connect to the first one I have here before?

Or I will have to set it up and buy a new domain!

One more question for amazon do I have to have domain for each Niche product? Thanks

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It can depend on the name of your site, some names will not be affected by a differing products, like a shop if it only sold one item doubt it would last long, if the name ties you to a product then thats the best way to go, Avon sells lots of related products but the name does not relate specifically to any, yet we all know what they sell.
Not much help in answering your question direct, but hopfully will give you something to think about. Paul

yes it help thanks for your help


If you are doing something complimentary to your existing site you could set up a subdomain. If not then I would suggest a new domain.

With the niche products again if they are complementary to your website you could have them on the same site. If you have several products in the same niche then you can certainly put them on one site.


Thank you for helping
Appreciate it

Are you doing two seperate sites or combining two to have one? Check with support.

That's what am trying to find out ok my first niche was about baby, now am trying to do a different Niche do I have to do a separate website?

Hi Janet.
If it's a brand new website then yes you'll need a new domain.
(Unless you build it just as a new page or new blog roll on your existing website)

Thanks for your help
I think so too

Glad to see you made it through Barry. I'll let someone with more expertise answer your question though. I don't want to give you the wrong answer.

Thank you
I wasn't close to me barry. Was just giving an update
Have a blessed day


Oh, I'm sorry lol. Well you did a great job on the update.

Thanks for reading appreciate it
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