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I am a physician and work in the mental health field. I haven't decided yet whether that's where my niche will be, it may be something completely different! My hobbies include politics and this year is giving me plenty of action... I'm new to the world of web marketing and am glad to have stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate as it is exactly what I needed!
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JaneCali Premium
I am fairly new and can't get Google to recognize my site at all. However if I post the exact same content on Google+ it will rank on page 1. Therefore I just put my website address at the end of the post on the Google+ page. I noticed I have to have to have the keyword twice up front on the Google+ page for it to rank like that. For example once like a title then once in the first sentence. Search for Bipolar disorder delusions and my post under Jane Cali will show up to see what I mean. My website is bipolarrelapseprevention.com.
stephhill Premium
I love your cat. She is adorable. Thanks for following me.
Steve1958 Premium
Hi from Adelaide in South Australia...
Welcome to Premium! You have made a very wise investment.
With what you are about to learn, you will have an internet business happening before you know it!
Wish you all the best & much success...
kevonwilson Premium
Hey Jane,

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and welcome to WA. You've just embarked on an incredible journey. WA is just the beginning. Best of luck.
DELJAR Premium
Hi, Jane. Welcome to WA and congratulations on going premium. You now have access to the Affiliate bootcamp, private messaging, live chat and can also create your own training after three months of your premium membership. Hope you are enjoying your course lessons so far. If ever you get stuck or need to clarify something as you go through the lessons, please don't hesitate to ask the commmunity via live chat or pm.
Wish you every success in your online learning business journey!
Adel :)
mickeyb123 Premium
Hello, Jane, or DR. Jane.

Welcome to the ranks of premium membership and, yes this is the p;ace to be to make some money through Affiliate Marketing.

Politics is really up in a tree this year and I have actually been thinking about taking it as a niche for one of my next three or four websites.

This is especially touchy because of the United Nations 'taking over the Internet' last month!

On the other hand, as far as niches are concerned, there is no reason you have to write about what you have been doing in your day job...

JaneCali Premium
You can tell I'm new because I just stumbled across all these messages! Thanks for your message to me... I hope I will be able to find your response!

I understand the basic concept of affiliate marketing, that you are basically the advertiser for a company and receive a commission when someone buys something when they go through your site.

The thing I am stuck with is choosing a theme. The themes do not seem structured toward this purpose. I signed up as a premium member so have access to a multitude of templates. The ones that are structured toward featuring products have a cart function like they are buying for you. Am I missing something?

mickeyb123 Premium
Not necessarily missing, but, maybe misunderstanding, at least as far as the last line of your comment is concerned.

You can design your website literally any way you want. If you want a, e-commerce site ala Amazon, go to it!

You are correct that affiliate marketing is selling someone elses' stuff.

the subject of niches are, of course, problematic.

get started on the training and it will be explained to you. There are any number of other classes that will help you focus on your niches.

Niches are nothing more, or less, than things that people want and need. You find one or more of these that you are very interested in and are willing to learn more about and that is your passion.

You work in the mental health field. This, of course, could be a passion of yours; It also could be the niche you can pursue. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!

You will have to do some brainstorming to discover that niche. It might end up being something havng to do with a hobby of yours or one that you may have had to give up to go to medical school!

Just my two cents worth in my 'rambling' sort of way. (at least that is what my wife calls it)

JaneCali Premium
I think I have a niche picked out, involving yoga and stress. But I am still confused about picking out a theme. Do I just pick one that has products in it? Or are these themes designed for companies that are selling their own products rather than referring people via affiliate marketing?
mickeyb123 Premium
In order to mak money, you need to be able to monetize at least that page that you are dealing with your niche.

You can find just about anything that helps people with stress and/or yoga.

The 'theme' is anything you want it to be that leads to suggesting the products you have found people are interested in.

That theme, of course, will be focused on the keywords and phrases that are most popular to people who are interested in the passion you are writing about.

It can be one company and their lines or a lot of individual authors or manufacturer that you are dealing with.

jokoss Premium
Welcome to premium, have a nice journey at WA, wish you success
VMthimunye Premium
GomMagtibay Premium
Hi Doc, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. I like your profile picture, a cat. Maybe because, I like cats as pets. They are so sweet, except for their fowl smelling wastes. But they are cute. :)

Welcome aboard WA! :)
CathH1 Premium
Hey Jane, welcome to Premium. You have made an excellent choice. Good luck in all that you do here in WA and I can't wait to see your sites when you have finished them.
Cath :-)
Funkydunc208 Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium. I am sure it will be very educational for you. There are so many helpful people here that want the best for you.
Looking forward to catching up soon.

Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)