I chatted with 2 of the people at Amazon Associates and neither could help me. I copied the link from the Amazon site. Then I went to my blog, highlighted the words I wanted to link to and pasted the code. Then I clicked on the square arrow and the code turns red and the words have red dots around them. Next I updated my post on Wordpress but when I went to it from the internet and clicked on the words nothing happened. You can see it at bipolarrelapseprevention.com and scroll to the bottom of the blog roll. Thanks!

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JaneCali Premium
What do you mean it doesn't look like a full link? How do you fix it? I highlighted the whole link and pasted it into the box.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
This does not look like a full link from Amazon Associates. I also sell Kindle and Amazon Fire tablets on WordPress and Weebly sites. Obviously Weebly is easier but If I paste the entire link, I never have an issue with either one.