Q3 arrives Monday

Last Update: June 27, 2013
Cheers family,

I hope the WA family worldwide is enjoying a wonderful summer so far. I have not posted on my blog in a minute, so I wanted to stop by today for a few reasons. July starts on Monday, which in turn means that 3rd Quarter 2013 also starts on Monday. I want to take a moment to give SERIOUS props to all of you who are busy taking action. I wish you great success during Q3 and beyond. I will be enjoying some nice wine with dinner this evening, and I plan to raise my glass to you.

For those of you enjoying a nice cocktail this evening, please take a moment to raise your glass to Kyle and his wife, who as many of you already know, are expecting their new baby in July. I am still smiling from when Kyle shared that great news the other day.


Today my cool nephew Aaron Smith turns 4 years old, another reason to raise your glass.


Pictured here enjoying his 1st drum kit when he was 3 years old.

In addition to being so busy this summer, I also faced two losses in the Smith family. My wife Elizabeth rescued two cats, both of whom we lost within a month. These cats were from the streets, hence the hip-hop names.

Noi-Z Smith R.I.P.


Noi-Z Smith came to us missing much of her fur and was VERY thin. This cat was quite noisy so we thought a play on Jay-Z would fit the bill since he makes a lot of noise in the streets.

75-cent Smith R.I.P.


75-cent Smith was a 3 leg cat, his name is a play on rapper 50cent.
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mama2karsten Premium
Thanks for sharing Jamie
Jamie Smith Premium
I am glad you enjoyed my blog Julie!
kiya05 Premium
I always read this stuff backward, and answer before I look at the links. Love your cats, even though they're gone, and it looks like your nephew is well on his way to becoming a musician, so he'll probably be into music as much as you someday. I couldn't pull up Kyle's blog, but I'll look at it later, since it's probably this computer, it's been messing up for days now. Anyway, great pics.
kiya05 Premium
Wonderful news about Kyle and his wife. I just found out yesterday that my niece was pregnant, my sister was eccstatic, 4 girls, and this would be her first grandchild. Unfortunately, she told me today that she had a miscarriage, so I'm really sad for them all. What a range of emotions in one day.

Being a cat lover, and having a mama & 5 kittens that I rescued from the streets, I praise your wife for taking in these poor things. I'm so sorry they didn't make it, but at least they had a loving home in the end. I love that she did that for them.

What a day/week/month for ups & downs, but I think everything happens for a reason, good & bad, even if it's just to make us stonger.
Jamie Smith Premium
Sending a BIG hug to your family Cindi, so sorry about your loss. Thanks for the kind words about Kyle's baby, my nephew Aaron, the cats, and my wife Elizabeth.
wtbee2013 Premium
Cheers to you also...and I also have a smile on my face for Kyle. what great news.

God bless and have a great 4Q ;O)
Jamie Smith Premium
Nice 1 Kymee, yes, great news indeed. We both know Kyle is going to be a cool dad, gotta love that awesome man!