A Simple Solution to a Lack of Free Images

Last Update: January 18, 2014

Well, after spending many hours scouring the internet searching for the images I needed, I was feeling somewhat discouraged. I did find many images, but some were as much as $60 each! These are high resolution images of cameras, of which some still require an attribution to the photographer. I did find one photo of a Nikon camera that was completely free (fully copyright free with no attribution required), but that was the extent of it.

So, I decided to just create my own images... I went over to a local electronics store and had some much needed success. The clerk was very helpful and even let me take photos of some cameras right out of the box, in turn photographing them against a relatively neutral background (which makes the image of the camera much easier to isolate in Photoshop). This way I avoided having the theft protection device in my photo-- a large black thing that obscures a portion of the front and side of the cameras.

Are they professional grade images all perfectly lit and sharp? No

Are they a good starting point? Yes

<<wanted to post a few samples here, but the image uploader wasn't working for me>>

I dont think all of the time spent looking on stock photo sites was wasted, which is good of course :) I found some stock photo agencies that I was unaware of, and also a simple method of searching for royalty- free images through google.

Thank you to to Kyle, Beverly, and Welshy for the well written and informative resources:




What did I take away from this experience?

Don't get bogged down on one certain aspect of building a site. Ask for help or just move on to the next thing until help is available.

Never underestimate the simple yet powerful act of acquiring your own product shots.

Always, always check the licensing on photos or illustrations before using them on your site.

It will certainly take some time in Photoshop to get these images ready for my site, as far as getting them seperated from the background, (I want a very clean look with an all white or grey background) but will be very worthwhile in the end. Eventually, if I deem this a worthwhile venture, I will borrow and/or rent cameras and lenses and shoot them with a better camera and professional lighting setup. But at least its a start!

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MarilynM Premium
Thanks James. I will take some pictures with my camera. Been putting it off. Best wishes.
JamesJ Premium
Good luck w the shooting, Marilyn, and thanks for reading my article.
IslandMike Premium
If you have not already -- WA member canuck made this training which is really helpful about making your own light box: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/how-to-create-your-owm-images
JamesJ Premium
Thanks Mike, I like his simple and straightforward method. I have made a few from other materials as well--
JamesJ Premium
Hello Rachel-
Thanks for your response. I plan on looking around more in that business section on sxc.hu/ looks like theres a lot of options. Right now Im focusing on my photos of cameras, and have been working on them today. Karl looks like he's got some good info on commercial shoots, so I'll spend some more time there too.
Have a good one. Cheers!
LilButterfly Premium
Yes, it's a great idea to photograph your own images. I photograph most of mine and then what subjects I can't do I get from http://www.sxc.hu/ (I always look under the business section). Practice, practice, practice is all you need to do with the photography. For some great tips on photography check out Karl Taylor photography > http://www.karltaylorphotography.com/ He awesome!