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When starting out nobody wants to spend money buying photos to use on their own sites, many people simply can't afford to buy premium stock photos at a $1+ each. So I've decided to try help you find free images that you can use without any link back attribution.


Using free images on your website even when it states you can use them freely, can still result in being fined by large companies like Getty, you also risk losing your site ranking if DMCAs are filed against your site.

Why would this happen if it says I'm free to use the images?
It's possible that someone may have added copyrighted images they didn't own to the site collection, you then download them and add to your own site. The copyright owner that comes after you.

Use free images at your own risk - but be aware that there are monetary and ranking risks, ie. if a someone like Getty or Disney goes after you, there's not a lot that you can do but pay up. The record in the UK is £30,000 for a thumbnail image and that's before it got to Court!


Free Image Bookmarklets

I've created 7 free bookmarklets that you're free to use and add to your own browser. However to understand what I'm offering and how to use them, it's best to watch the video first.

After watching the video you can visit: to access the 7 bookmarklets.

Can I Use Any Image They Return?

I personally DO NOT want to be held responsible for any images you decide to download and use, that's why I've pointed out in the video how to check the licence details. ALWAYS CHECK THE LICENSE AGREEMENT

PLEASE keep in mind that when it comes to royalty free images etc, it's possible that someone may have added copyrighted images they didn't own to the site collection.

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lauradews Premium
Great information on getting images, thanks.
Shields Premium
nancykaye Premium
I agree. The Free sites are risky especially for a non legally trained person to understand. When in doubt I stay out.
Jenna7 Premium
Thanks so much for taking time to post this. It helps a lot-I have studied how to use images but they are so tricky, and some sites have different rules.
pcook410 Premium
Finding those free images is the one thing that slows down my adding content to my website. I have found that putting an attribution to the owner of the image is not all that difficult when I copy and paste it at the bottom of my post right when I download the image. That's why I don't look for images until after I've written the whole post. I used to download the pictures first, but then I couldn't remember where I got them, and the attribution got lost in the confusion. By pasting the attribution immediately when I download the picture, I can keep up with things a lot better.

Thanks for the bookmarklets. I'll check out those sites for images, too.