Niche Ideas All Around Us.

Last Update: January 31, 2018


I was at work today - (I have the second best job in the world at the moment as a Yacht Sales Broker ) - and I was reading an industry magazine.

Flipping through the pages I came across a super new niche idea. Sorry I cant tell you what it is because I am too excited about it and want it all to myself, lol.

But think DOGS and BOATS .... and you might get the gist.

I guess the point of this post is for anyone who is stuck with ideas for a new niche, or even your first niche idea, the answers are sometimes right there in front of you. Look through a magazine in a field that you are interested in. I bet you will see something that will spark an idea in your mind.

Flicking through Amazon or even Alibaba website will reveal 100's of thousands of products that people pay money to buy. There are some really cool niche ideas to be found there.

Walking through the local trade store the other day and seeing all the products that are stocked on the shelves. It brings home to me the realisation that people will buy stuff, sometimes weird stuff, unique, cheap and expensive stuff.

I love gardening. So down the house and garden isle in the trade store Im getting ideas for niches that I can potentially use.

And you know what is really cool, using the WA website tool, you can muck around with your niche ideas using a website builder. See how they develop and if you feel they will be a winner before you spend too much time and money on them.

Keep you eyes open and look around you and the ideas will start to show up.

Oh.. and by the way .. the number one best job in the world is Affiliate Marketing.

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Kickbacked Premium
Yes, siterubix is a great tool to use before investing in a domain name!
StefanoV Premium
Thanks for sharing
Elijah1916 Premium
Funnily enough, do you think it's going to be to your disadvantage by sharing the niche? Do you know that a good niche with loads of affiliates is considered profitable, so how can it be with lots of affiliates if you want it all to yourself? Before you even think out this idea, I bet that there are many out there with the same niche, making money already.
To share with beautiful community here, magazines (go to with loads of adverts mean people are spending money on those things, and its a good way to develop niche as well. When you log into (, sort by best sellers, and you have an idea.already. The more the merrier my dear.
StefanoV Premium
Thanks for the tip
buffetearns Premium
Thanks for sharing!

Loes Premium
And when you want even more inspiration