Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate home based business.

My online activities are based on helping people set up their own home based businesses. And I am often asked is affiliate marketing a business that can earn me some money at home.

The number one business model that I promote is Affiliate Marketing, although I have had some (not very successful) attempts with Multi Level Marketing (MLM's) ventures.

I think that the 'credible' MLM's promote a viable business option (for the right type of person).

But my honest, 'educated' opinion is that online marketing, and affiliate marketing in particular, is a best business model for an individual if you want control over your results and business in general.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Business?

Understandably, there is a lot of scepticism about home based businesses. And online businesses have their fare share of scammers that don't help the cause.

So how to you convince people that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate home based business?

My answer to that, is DONT.

Don't try to convince them - let them find out for themselves. Show them the benefits and what this business opportunity can do for them. How can it help them add some extra money each month, help pay the bills, the mortgage ?

Show them that affiliate marketing is a business.

Even if you are personally not earning with your own business right now, you can show the success stories that are here in this post forum. You can show the potential that we all know is there.

The minute you start to try convincing them, is the minute they will become sceptical.

Why doesn't everyone want to do this?

Wealthy Affiliate provide such a comprehensive, structured and open program that it should sell itself.

But not everyone will take it up. That is life.

Some people are just comfortable with being comfortable. Even if being comfortable is the 9-5 grind or employment benefits.

Remember - you cannot make someone do something that they don't want to do. And often they don't want to do something because they don't know enough about it.

So is affiliate marketing a business that is legitimate and sustainable?

Absolutely !

The low cost of investment and the potential for earning an income (whether it be low, medium or high), makes this an extremely viable business model.

If you can cover your costs, you have a successful business. So your first goal is to do just that. Then you just build on this success into profit.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate home base business model that I will continue to promote and enjoy personally.

My favourite quote from Tony Robbins.
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AJWhite Premium
I like the post James
Chezbrown Premium
Great post James.
holly68 Premium
Thanks for that great post! It's really encouraging.That quote is excellent too.
TravisG45 Premium
Great blog again. Thanks for the info.
doobie333 Premium
Good post
MKearns Premium
It meets all the criteria and is a very lucrative business. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/business
KatieMac Premium
Very well expressed affiliate marketing can be a very serious business if we work at it.. really like the quote to thank you
JReinbold Premium
Hi James, excellent post. Keep up the great work! Joe
Ivine Premium
Hi James, anywhere you earn money from can be classified a business and subject to taxation once you go over certain thresholds. Irv.
peter65 Premium
Thanks, your post is very encouraging. God bless you.
SteveCrozza Premium
It is easy being comfortable isn't it? It is the opposite when doing affiliate marketing but it can lead to a level of comfort. Great article.
JudeP Premium
Great post :)
viosecrets Premium
Thank you for this encouraging and eye opener post. I loved reading it!
bigrog44 Premium
Good post James.
Ultimateless Premium
I started this as an alternative to investing and to see if it is possible to have a residual income...
JamesBB Premium
Ah@ my mate from the mountains .. Hi Micheal, I hope it is going well for you. I seem to have hit a point where my business is starting to get momentum and referrals are coming in all the time.
Ultimateless Premium
That's really reassuring James!
EFors Premium
Thanks for the inspiration. :))
UKMerchant Premium
Wonderful article and great inspirational quote!
Defiant6 Premium
Excellent post! I really like how you put it that you should let the people discover for themselves the benefits of WA. Good stuff!
WAlfano Premium
Thanks for the inspiration
CasFromCary Premium
Thanks James, Your one comment about showing success stories... Is there a certain place here in the forums where people add their successes. I am looking for some success testimonies.
JamesBB Premium
Hi there Cas,
When i wrote this post I had in mind a post by one of our ambassadors a few months ago that listed a whole bunch of success stories. But as soon as i went to look for it I forgot completely who it was that posted and have not been able to find it.
But once I do, Ill let you know. It was a great post with heaps of beaut successes. Josh from Oz is one who posted a great success storey recently.
CasFromCary Premium
Found JoshFromOZ websites and Yes he does have several success stories... Thanks for the referral!
WindyCityUSA Premium
I like Tony Robbins and thanks for sharing.
Dreamer56 Premium
Great post James. The quote is the cherry on the sundae.
AlexEvans Premium
That is an excellent post and that closeout qoute by Tony Robbins is to of the range.
Seahawk8058 Premium
I agree with Shane.
There are so many people out there.....Don't try to get them all.

ShaneGreen Premium
Very well said! I think if people follow your advise here, they will find their frustrations disappear.