Finding a new Niche

Last Update: November 05, 2018

Im feeling inspired, so it is time to create some momentum.

Niche Hunting

I am currently researching some new niche ideas for my new lease on life. I am keen to kick of the coming year with a couple of new niche websites that I can develop and bring to life.

So I have started looking firstly at some of the things that I have a real affinity for. There are a bunch of things that I am really passionate about and a few that I know a bit about, so these are the basis of my research.

Using the WA Tools and Google

I have found using Jaaxy in conjunction with some keyword searching on Google has really helped me find a few niches that I want to start working on.

But I wanted to see what people think about working on more than one website at a time. Do you think it is a good idea or should I get them going one at a time? I plan to get the basics up and working then look at outsourcing some of the content creation so I can manage things easier and concentrate more on the design and SEO.

Let me know what you think. Do you think it is best to have one site or ok to try a number?

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firstlearn Premium
As a blog, your site is never complete and always being added to. No matter when you start a new site you would now have two to upkeep.

So do you feel you could keep two sites up and running? This will give you the answer to your question.

bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, James.
Lazyblogger Premium
Trying a couple is fine if you are thinking about outsourcing the content. In this way it would give you more time to manage them.

Your social media following and you list building will have to be carefully thought out. I would start with one and with hit main stream, begin the other. Just my thought on this. All the best.
PMbaluka Premium
I won't say much but practically just deal with one for now.
smartketeer Premium
I'd suggest to start with one site.

Building a site is not a big deal. But maintaining it, push it up in the search engines, etc is a time consuming continuous task. And doing that on more sites can be really overwhelming.

The multi-niche approach can be very productive, but if you fly too high at the very beginning, you might have "navigational" problems. And be sure to test separately and carefully each niche as they'll probably require a different approach. A few hints: Godspeed!