Note to self (Review writing reminders)

Last Update: January 24, 2018

I just watched, again, Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews and in the process created a small list of things to make sure I do when creating review content.

Thought it may help some here.

It's not fancy...






You'll want your reviews to tie into the overall theme of your site!

At the top of your reviews you'll ALSO want to include:

  1. Target Search Term (Whatever term you use in the title of your post) always within the first couple of paragraph of your post.
  2. Always give people a "Break-down" (this helps because people are visual in nature and want a high level yet comprehensive overview of what the product or service is).
  3. Note to self; Kyle has laid out the Overview and Rankings like a contents directory; section by section, what each cover; E.g, Training (if that's first), Support (next) and so on.
  4. He also uses that (Overview and Rankings) as a format for all reviews on his website, bringing consistency to the website.

All posts should be consistent in terms of layout.

Foreshadow what you want to talk about.

  1. By first going through and creating sections with Captivating headlines
  2. Then foreshadow what you want to talk about in each section using -(Dashes) and a word or two to signal what you want to say. The point to this is; to give direction and plan to your review content.
  3. Break down the section into far smaller bits of what you want to talk about.


  1. Remember with everything you write you want to encourage engagement and comments.
  2. Don't forget an overview of the product you're reviewing. Be consistent when you format this.
  3. Remember, a review never has to be final. You can always improve upon a review as you build it out and you most certainly will be updating your Wealthy Affiliate Review over time as the platform/training/community here evolves and improves very quickly with new platforms/training/technology being rolled out all the time.

Don't forget to summarize your reviews


  1. Don't forget to ask for and encourage engagement through comments/feedback.
    1. Example: If you have any questions about_________or you want to leave your feedback, please do so and we will be happy to help you out. (Or something similar).
Don't forget you can use arrows when creating call to action links. As demo'd in the video.
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Memorylaneuk Premium
Great summary, reviews are my least favourite posts. I stick to the rules but find the structure so restricting and unlike my own writing style. I have gotten, better.
With Grace and Gratitude
JamesAnders1 Premium
Hi Karen,

Your reply really made me pause and think about rules and structures.

I really doubt any rules or structure would effect your writing style, it's after-all, your unique sound if you like, is it not?

You're going to shine through regardless.

I imagine, Memorylane was really an out picturing of your inner style, no matter the rules etc.

I find don't mind them, if they actually help , and I like to know what they are, then, I'll take to them until they're mine.

Fortunately we can test that here. If not, we'll toss them to the kerb, won't we?

So, my job is; find and follow the structures and rules of this trade to the point of knowing them so well they're then my rules with my voice, sound or writing style.

Cheers James
Dhind1 Premium
Great summary
JamesAnders1 Premium
Hi Alexander
I have to admit to taking an educated guess at your name. Hope I guessed right?
I did glance through a few other replys on your Bio and figured it out.
I like Alexander as a name as it's my second.

James Alexander Anderson...quite the mouthful isn't it?

I'll catch you on the roundabout here...wishing you the very best here.

Cheers James