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Creating reviews is a big part of becoming an authority within any niche and within this training I am going to walk you through the proper process of creating quality, comprehensive reviews. There are four key principles that are going to be discussed and these are the CIAO principles (Captivating, Informative, Accurate, Opinionated).

Within the video I am going to walk you through the process of creating a Wealthy Affiliate review. This includes:

  • How to choose a proper, keyword rich title for your review
  • Implementing the CIAO principles within your review
  • How to create a captivating headline
  • How I go about writing content (break it down, then write it out)
  • Using headlines within your reviews
  • Adding your WA affiliate link within your review

Remember, a review never has to be final. You can always improve upon a review as you build it out and you most certainly will be updating your Wealthy Affiliate Review over time as the platform/training/community here evolves and improves very quickly with new platforms/training/technology being rolled out all the time.

If you have any questions about creating a review or you want to leave your WA review that you have created below for feedback, please do so and we will be happy to help you out.

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redbiro Premium
Thank you Kyle for presenting your video about writing a review. I appreciate your training as I'm sure we can all benefit from your experience. You mentioned in your video that we may paste a link to our review for feedback. I would love any feedback from my review to know if I passes the CIAO principle. Thank you in advance for any feedback.
Cheers Dave
bbhugaloo Premium
Being on Kyle's super affiliate challenge, I am going through this lesson two to three time in depth and keep returning to it before doing the super affiliate assigned tasks for week 1. It is key to get the WA review on track. But no worry if the review has imperfections, we can still edit and change later. Right now objective is to write the review. The two other articles should be a breeze, and will link to the review (as learned in the video).
Kyle Premium
Yeah, definitely not an issue. The review is something that can continue to evolve over time, as you gain experience here and as WA evolves, which happens frequently.

So you can absolutely be observational within your review for many elements, objective where it makes sense to do so.
davehayes Premium
What a superb video, with clear direction on how to create compelling reviews.I learned some good information and looking to put it into practice.

As with all of the training done so far here at WA...It makes it easy for use to implement, as well as adding value to us in the small business market place

Kyle Premium
Awesome, glad it offered you a lot of clarity on the creation of reviews within your given niche. :)
EZbobb Premium
Again thank you for the training that you have outlined in such simple ways and the feedback I see from the community to those asking questions. Many of the questions I have are already being answered by the discussion happening.

You make the overwhelming part I feel for a new person coming into this new adventure of starting an online business more confident I CAN DO THIS!

Thanks - now to create the review
Tjwdake22 Premium
Hi Kyle, since I have only been with WA five days I am not quite sure on what to write about in my review. I will do the best I can with what little knowledge that I have. I can definitely say I have learned so much from WA training program and I am enjoying what I am learning.
This is teaching you how to write a review about your personally niche not a review for WA. WA, is his product so that is why he is giving this example.